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Chinese Manufacturing: The Solution to Your Custom Product Manufacturing

If we have to be realistic, there are plenty of manufacturers out there to find just the right job for you.  The bigger question becomes, which of those manufacturers are the ones you can best rely on for quality service, well-made manufactured products, and who is reliable as a company?  Technology and new innovations are becoming more and more readily accessible because of the vast number of producers available to the current market, but it doesn’t mean you want to go with just anyone.  It’s first important to look at what you’re hoping to find out of a customized product manufacturer, what they have to offer you, and what the benefits are to use certain and available manufacturers across the globe.  For many looking to find expert manufacturing from reliable sources who know just what to do, the solution lies with custom manufacturers in China. But what all does that entail?  This article looks to walk readers through the complex steps from development to production, and how to best approach taking your innovating concept and making it into a successful, concrete reality.  Starting with the development of your prototype, moving into the manufacturing, and preparing to market your product isn’t easy, but we’ve certainly helped simplify it.

Build the Foundation: Establishing Your Product and Design

Before you even reach out to a product manufacturer with some concept or prototype, it’s critical to have a solid understanding of exactly what you’re looking to create and how you want to produce it.  If you don’t know what you want, how will others know exactly what to give you? Let’s take a look at some of the three crucial steps towards perfecting your product.

1.Have an innovative idea.
You don’t want to create something that’s already been created, and you don’t want to create something for which there isn’t a significant market for.  Innovation is key before you reach out to a customized product manufacturer.  Know what your idea is, consider the market for that idea, and have something that you’re excited or passionate about.

2.Prepare your prototype.
Designs, sketches, and basic prototypes are crucial to the development of your product concept.  In order for it to become a solid concept, have some basis of what a prototype would look like, and what it would require to make that item. If you want something that will be successful, you’ll want to be able to generate a sample of just what that product should look like.

3.Launch patents to protect your individual property.
If a custom manufacturer is going to focus on helping you develop your product and concept, it’s important that they know you have the rights to this idea in the first place.  This protects yourself just as much as it protects your manufacturer. Another advantage to take is a site like, which allows innovators to publish their ideas and find other valuable technological developments that might help inspire them. 

Once you’ve accomplished these three steps, most designers and innovators find they’re in great shape to take the next step of finding the perfect manufacturer to help bring their concept into reality.  But with so many options out there, it can be hard to figure out where to begin.

Starting the Search: Sifting Through the Choices to Find Just the Right Manufacturer  

It’s certainly no secret that many of the highest tech-related as well as non-tech related innovative concepts and ideas are in fact manufactured in China.  The label, Made in China, has long been a symbol of reliability, quality, and consistency.  Those trying to figure out how to find the right Chinese manufacturing company, where so many exist, want to ensure they’re able to find what they need at the price they want. So now that you’ve developed a concept, created a prototype, and applied for patents, you might be wondering how to find a good manufacturer in China. 

The simplest and most reliable solution is to head to the market itself.  Here, potential product creators will find a wealth of product manufacturers based in China, offering services with both electronics and other concepts and devices.  Simply search the specific product you have or need, and find yourself provided with options for Chinese manufacturing companies that you can contact about your concept or idea. If you’re still not convinced as to why China is going to be the best option for you, it’s important to understand the benefits.

But Why China: Understanding the Benefits of Products Manufactured in China

Chinese manufacturing companies have long been relied on for the creation, development, and implementation of technologies and other inventions, and for good reason, not only does the manufacturing industry in China create some of the best products, but as an industry, it remains cost effective to producers, has access to a strong market, and has the capabilities to tailor products to a designer’s specific needs.  There’s even more to it as well.

1.Chinese manufacturing allows for an increased potential for significant profits.
Profit margins are a critical component when it comes to deciding on a manufacturer for your product.  If you’re not able to make a profit, why are you even doing it?  After taking the cost of development into consideration, innovators need to look at their ability to make a profit on their product even after development and marketing.  With Chinese manufacturing companies, product developers often find that these companies are able to bring ideas to reality at reasonably lower costs than other markets. When the cost of development decreases, the margin for profit potential increases.

2.Manufacturers in China are able to give their customers complete control of the product design, including any needed changes to prototypes.
For most designers and innovators, maintaining control and say over the development of their product remains a key component to the integrity of that product.  If you’ve spent your own time and money developing a concept, manufactures should be able to understand the importance of keeping your idea.  With expert knowledge, many industry experts will be able to give recommendations or suggestions, but ultimately understand that your product deserves just that, your product. Find a reliable manufacturer in China who will provide input and feedback, but while respecting the work you put into the product planning in the first place.

3.Developers and innovators can retain the price rights within the market for their product.
Because of the cost-efficient nature but quality production involved with the Chinese manufacturing industry, developers and innovators will find that they retain control over the price and cost of their product in their corresponding market.  Many manufacturers in China allow the prototype developers to maintain their control when a product is set to be released for sales and for profit.  If a developer has a vision for their market and for their product’s ability to be purchased by potential consumers, it’s important that vision is allowed to exist and thrive.  Don’t feel like because you can’t manufacture and produce the product yourself that it means you also must forfeit control over your new-found business idea.

5 Tips to Narrow Down Your Choices Among the Wholesale Manufacturers in China

Let’s look at a few crucial tips for finding the right manufacturer for your product.

Tip 1: Research the potential companies you’re looking to use.
It’s beyond important to know who you’re working with, what they’re capable of, what kind of business they’re running, and how well they’ve managed to work with past clients.  Reach out to the manufacturing companies on your list and email or call them with a few critical questions that are important to you and your business.  Make sure that your visions align, that your business ethics match up, or that you’re going to work with a company that is interested in working with you.  You might  also want to inquire as to whether they provide product testing, and how involved they keep their customers in the development process.

Tip 2: Review their products and their capabilities.
If your innovative idea requires certain technologies available to the wholesale manufacturer you’re looking to hire and work with, then it’s important that they have access to whatever technology is needed to turn your prototype concept into a full-functioning product development.  If they need to be able to work with certain materials to create your product, it’s important to discover what type of access they have with regards to that material. 

Tip 3: Inquire about cost estimates and invoicing.
Don’t find yourself caught off guard with fees and expenses beyond what you initially anticipated, that throw you for a loop and present issues with your product development.  Don’t be afraid to ask about money, don’t be afraid to ask about cost.  Without finding out the cost, you’ll either find yourself scrambling to cover funds, unable to order as many items as you’d like, or trying to increase the cost of selling your product in order to compensate for unanticipated fees and charges.

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to ask questions!
If you’re going to be paying someone to develop your dream into a reality, don’t hesitate to ask them questions.  Aside from costs, ask about the machinery, the factory, past clients and reviews.  Want to see the inside of the factory?  Want to see machinery in action?  Want to make an actual visit to the factory? Curious about potential problems with your design, or maybe potential flaws in the materials?  Ask away.  The more questions you ask, the more confident you’ll feel when your manufacturer is able to provide strong answers that leave you feel you’ve made the right choice in picking them.

Tip 5: Check their certifications, qualifications suppliers, credentials, and customer feedback.
A good manufacturer won’t be afraid to share how good they are and how reliable they can be.  If a manufacturing company refuses or hesitates to demonstrate their expertise, you should have a moment of pause, and rightfully so.  A successful track record is a strong indicator of a company and what they can offer you.  Inquire about their CE identification for your specific product, the competency of their engineers and employees, the marketability of other products they’ve manufacturered, and the like.  Rely on yourself and your knowledge to figure out if a company is going to be the right choice for you. 

Your Database of Information is an industry leader when it comes to find the ideal supplier.  They trust the suppliers they work with, and believe in connecting buyers with the right manufacturer.  They function as a sort of manufacturers directory for Chinese manufacturers and industry leaders.  With a wealth of information, connections, suppliers, and success-stories, you’ll find the best chance of success by utilizing their directory of information. With products ranging from technology and electronics to automobiles, lighting, sports and recreation, and basic machinery, developers are able to take control of their concepts and bring them to fruition from start to finish. 

As a global leader, we believe in the providing customers with the ability to customize their product, working within a competitive industry of reliable manufacturers, connecting innovators with quality materials and producers, and engaging in research and development that ensures their products and companies stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest technologies and methods of development. If you’re ready to take your concept to the next level, simply use the best resources available and find the ideal Chinese manufacturing company that can take your concept and vision and prototype, and turn it into a reality.

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