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StarTube:EP07 Machinery Industry in China

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StarTube:EP07 Machinery Industry in China

This reports contains the Shangdong Industrial clusters and its machinery products from these clusters, also with the monthly PPI and current news.

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Shangdong, the leading province of Manufacturing and Processing Machinery, has multiple industrial chains.

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Engineering and Construction Machinery has been a very major catalog on

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PPI indicates raw material prices and further influences company revenue.

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Several areas in China are rolling out their road maps for peaking carbon emissions by 2030.

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  • From the table below, these cities in Shandong, namely Qingdao, Heze, and Yantai, occupy most of the industries. And Shandong Province has multiple industrial chains in the Manufacturing and Processing Machinery and is the leading province in this industry.
  • Geographically, Shandong is a major excavator province in China, with a total of over 8k related companies, far ahead of other provinces, accounting for 16% of the country's total.
Detailed Information on Shandong Industrial Clusters
Agriculture & Food Qingdao Zhucheng Weihai Tengzhou
Apparel & Accessories Heze Qingdao Zibo Wenshang
Jimo Zhucheng Weihai Yantai
Arts & Crafts Heze      
Chemicals Linyi Zibo Dongying Weihai
Construction & Decoration Linyi Heze Dongying  
Electrical & Electronics Heze      
Health & Medicine Heze Weihai    
Light Industry & Daily Use Heze Dongying Zhucheng  
Manufacturing & Processing Machinery Heze Wenshang Dongying Zhucheng
Yanzhoui Tengzhou    
Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy Linyi Heze Liaocheng  
Textile Zibo Wenshang    
Furniture Heze      
Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories Zhucheng      
Sporting Goods & Recreation Wenshang Weihai    
Tools & Hardware Weihai      
Industrial Equipment & Components Zhucheng      
Packaging & Printing Zhucheng      
  • Engineering and Construction Machinery is Shandong industrial clusters’ strength and it has been a very important and major catalog on our platform as well. This bar chart tells the searching frequency distribution of certain products, excavator, loader, Engineering and Construction Machinery Parts, Concrete Machinery and Bulldozer take up the top 5, according to our database.
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  • The producer price index, which indicates the raw material prices, still has a general increase, but the following categories have some slight decrease: Textile; Wearing Apparel and Accessories; Leather, Fur, Feather and Related Products and Footwear; Furniture; Medicines; Automobiles; Metal Products; Machinery and Equipment.
Producer Price Index for Industrial Products
Indicators [Producer Price Index for Industrial Products (preceding month=100)] Jul 2021 Jun 2021 May 2021
Total 109.0 108.8 109.0
Mining and Washing of Coal 145.7 137.4 129.7
Extraction of Petroleum and Natural Gas 148.0 153.6 199.1
Mining and Processing of Ferrous Metal Ores 154.6 152.6 148.0
Mining and Processing of Non-Ferrous Metal Ores 114.8 116.8 116.7
Mining and Processing of Non-metal Ores 103.0 102.5 102.0
Mining and Support Activities 101.6 96.8 96.7
Mining of Other Ores      
Processing of Food from Agricultural Products 103.5 104.3 105.6
Manufacture of Foods 101.6 101.5 101.6
Manufacture of Liquor, Beverages and Refined Tea 101.8 101.9 101.9
Manufacture of Tobacco 100.6 100.7 100.5
Manufacture of Textile 105.2 103.8 102.9
Manufacture of Textile, Wearing Apparel and Accessories 99.8 99.6 99.7
Manufacture of Leather, Fur, Feather and Related Products and Footwear 99.7 99.3 99.4
Processing of Timber, Manufacture of Wood, Bamboo, Rattan, Palm and Straw Products 101.2 100.8 100.8
Manufacture of Furniture 99.9 99.4 100.0
Manufacture of Paper and Paper Products 106.3 107.8 107.4
Printing and Reproduction of Recording Media 101.2 100.9 100.8
Manufacture of Articles for Culture, Education, Arts and Crafts, Sport and Entertainment Activities 101.6 101.7 102.8
Processing of Petroleum, Coal and Other Fuels 135.4 136.1 134.3
Manufacture of Raw Chemical Materials and Chemical Products 121.3 120.3 120.9
Manufacture of Medicines 99.1 99.1 99.2
Manufacture of Chemical Fibres 120.9 117.0 118.4
Manufacture of Rubber and Plastics Products 103.9 103.4 103.2
Manufacture of Non-metallic Mineral Products 102.3 102.5 102.4
Smelting and Pressing of Ferrous Metals 133.0 134.4 138.1
Smelting and Pressing of Non-ferrous Metals 123.5 127.8 130.4
Manufacture of Metal Products 107.9 107.5 107.0
Manufacture of General Purpose Machinery 101.7 101.4 100.9
Manufacture of Special Purpose Machinery 100.5 100.1 100.2
Manufacture of Automobiles 99.5 99.6 99.3
Manufacture of Railway, Ship, Aerospace and Other Transport Equipments 100.6 100.4 100.4
Manufacture of Electrical Machinery and Apparatus 105.9 105.4 104.5
Manufacture of Computers, Communication and Other Electronic Equipment 100.3 99.4 99.2
Manufacture of Measuring Instruments and Machinery 99.7 99.2 99.6
Other Manufacture 100.6 100.1 100.5
Utilization of Waste Resources 119.0 121.9 124.7
Repair Service of Metal Products, Machinery and Equipment 99.5 99.1 99.6
Production and Supply of Electric Power and Heat Power 99.7 99.3 99.5
Production and Supply of Gas 103.6 103.5 102.2
Production and Supply of Water 101.4 101.4 101.1
Data Sources: National Bureau of Statistics


Chinese regions speed up making zero-carbon plans

Several areas in China are rolling out their road maps for peaking carbon emissions by 2030, aiming to achieve low-carbon transformation in a diversified and inclusive way, Economic Information Daily reported.

According to this year's government work report, China will reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 13.5 and 18 percent, respectively, during the 14th Five-Year Plan period (2021-25).

To fulfill the ambitious target, Shanghai, Beijing, Jiangsu and other areas proposed to take the lead to peak CO2 emissions in advance.

Beijing has already achieved its goal, said Huo Xuewen, director of the Beijing Local Financial Supervision and Administration, at a currency and brokerage forum in July.

Data from the Beijing Bureau of Statistics showed coal accounted for only 1.81 percent of the city's total energy consumption in 2019, while the figure stood at 29.59 percent nine years ago.

Local governments have taken multiple measures to lower carbon emissions, with a focus on optimizing industrial and energy structures.

In East China's Jiangsu province, high-polluting new projects will be strictly controlled.

Shanghai continues to push forward structural adjustments in the energy, industrial, transportation and agriculture sectors, and encourages citizens to adopt green lifestyles.

Zhejiang has been devoted to building up a green and low-carbon technology innovation system to explore key technologies in cutting down pollution.

"Two types of areas are expected to peak CO2 emission in advance — economically-developed provinces in East China, and southwestern regions with rich clean energy resources," said Liu Xiangdong, a researcher at the China Center for International Economic Exchanges in Beijing.

In many places, positive policy guidance has also been strengthened, such as setting up pilot zones for "near-zero" carbon emissions.

Hubei province will approve a batch of trial projects on "near-zero" emissions. With a target to cut CO2 emissions per unit of GDP, the province is trying to establish a collaborative management system emphasizing both energy reduction and ecological protection.

Xiong Yuan, chief macro analyst at Guosheng Securities, believes solutions to different regions should be tailored to local conditions.

For example, relatively developed cities such as Beijing and Shanghai are advised to focus on technological innovation and structural transformation.

Hebei, Jiangsu and other provinces with a good industrial base should pay more attention to the green upgrading of manufacturing.

For Sichuan and Fujian, which have high forest coverage, "carbon sinks" that absorb billions of metric tons of CO2 need to be highlighted.

In addition, Liu suggested introducing fiscal and tax policies and encouraging capital to invest more into the green and low-carbon sectors.

The carbon trading market should be further improved, with a greater deal of autonomy given to local market entities, he said.

Source: Xinhua

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