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VIP Buyer One-Stop Service for Brazil Buyer

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An successful one-to-one meeting between Brazil buyers and Chinese suppliers was held in Shenzhen, on 9th, March. LED explosion-proof light 、LED Rechargeable flashlight are main products that the buyers are looking for. With our support, Marcos and the suppliers negotiated the details very well, such as price, packaging, specification, etc. In the mean time, Marcos told the supplier their demand for the product function, and our suppliers recount the price timely. During the visiting, a large removable lighting set attracts Marcos a lot. He told us that , it will bring about large market demand for this set as the Olympic Games in 2016 will be held in Brazil. The suppliers showed how to use it and offered the price meanwhile. In the end, Marcos expressed his sincere gratitude for our meticulous service. And he hopes made-in-china can expand more business field so that he can have more cooperation with us in the near future.

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