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  • Zhengzhou Tops China's Most Romantic City Again
    Feb 8, 2017

    Zhengzhou, capital of central China's Henan province, is "the most romantic city" in China, according to a list compiled by Amazon China. The list is based on sales of books on "romantic" subjects, such as love and marriage, from 50 ...

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  • Ancient Crocodile Bones Discovered in Xi'an
    Feb 6, 2017

    Ancient bones unearthed in Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, have led archaeologists to suggest that the area may have been home to wild crocodiles thousands of years ago. Experts have been excavating the Haojing site since the ...

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  • Film Industry at Turning Point as Bubble Bursts
    Jan 3, 2017

    Insiders say there's a silver lining to stagnant box office takes in 2016. Box office takes for China's film industry remained stagnant in 2016, but most industry insiders see it as a blessing in disguise. Last year's box-office total ...

    Tags: Film Industry, Turning Point

  • The Beiyang Fleet
    Jan 3, 2017

    Beiyang (literally meaning "the northern ocean") Fleet was established by the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) in 1871 as one of four modernized regional navies when the dynasty faced a crisis and launched a series of reforms. Though it was ...

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  • Han Meilin's Influence of Cultural Traditions
    Jan 3, 2017

    Through his six-decade career, Han Meilin-who is well-known as the chief designer of Fuwa, the good-luck mascots for the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008-has always turned to Chinese cultural traditions for inspiration. The 80-year-old ...

    Tags: Fuwa, Han Meilin

  • Sunken Heroes
    Jan 3, 2017

    Archaeologists unveil the tragic story of a historic sea battle more than a century ago as they excavate an ironclad warship, Wang Kaihao reports. An iconic Chinese warship and the 245 officers-soldiers and crewmen who have been ...

    Tags: Archaeologists, Sunken Heroes

  • Totem of The Plateau
    Dec 27, 2016

    A champion of the yak as an emblem of the Tibetan highlands brings the spirit of the animal to a Beijing museum, Wang Kaihao reports. On China's online social networks, Wu Yuchu called himself Yagebo, which means old yak in Tibetan. ...

    Tags: Beijing museum, yak

  • Buddha's Skull Now Crowns Two Horn-Shaped Peaks
    Dec 12, 2016

    Niushou Mountain plays host to Buddha's mind-both his thought manifested and the cranium that warehoused his brain. It claims to preserve the world's only parietal relics of Buddha Sakyamuni. The other two Chinese sites said to ...

    Tags: Buddha, Horn-Shaped Peaks

  • The First ICH Experience Center Opens in Beijing
    Dec 12, 2016

    China's first intangible cultural heritage O2O interactive experience center opened in the Qianmen area in Beijing on Saturday. The two-level center occupies nearly 2,000 square meters and combines an ICH showcase, visitor experience ...

    Tags: cultural heritage, ICH showcase

  • 6 Things You May Not Know About Major Snow
    Dec 8, 2016

    The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Major Snow, the 21st solar term of the year, begins this year on Dec 7 and ends on Dec 20 During Major Snow, the snow becomes heavy and begins to accumulate ...

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  • Zhenhu: Home to Su Embroidery
    Nov 9, 2016

    A Su embroidery work that describes the ancient daily life of Suzhou people. Zhenhu, located in the west of Su Zhou new district, is a time-honored ancient town with typical Wu and Taihu culture. It is also reputed as a land of milk ...

    Tags: Su embroidery, Taihu culture

  • 8 Things You May Not Know About Start of Winter
    Nov 9, 2016

    The traditional Chinese lunar calendar divides the year into 24 solar terms. Start of Winter, the 19th solar term of the year, begins this year on Nov 7 and ends on Nov 21. Start of Winter is the first solar term of winter, which means ...

    Tags: lunar calendar, solar terms

  • Silk Road International League Theaters Launched
    Oct 24, 2016

    The Silk Road International League of Theaters was launched at the Tianqiao Performing Arts Center in Beijing on Friday. Nearly 200 guests were present at the launching ceremony, including officials from China's Ministry of Culture, ...

    Tags: Theaters, Silk Road International League

  • Chinese Art Show Opens in Mexico
    Oct 24, 2016

    Artistic communication between China and Mexico can be dated back to 116 years ago, when Feng Gangbai became the first Chinese to study art in Mexico. Now the National Art Museum of China has enhanced the cultural link by displaying ...

    Tags: Chinese Art Show, Artistic communication

  • Time to Tap Underestimated Resource of TCM
    Oct 18, 2016

    East is East and West is West and never the twain shall meet" Rudyard Kipling famously wrote, but a recent high level international conference in Frankfurt, Germany, is determined to prove him wrong, at least with regards healthcare, by ...

    Tags: TCM, Medicines