Trade Resources Industry Views Consumers Are Nodding off or Falling Sound Asleep in All Sorts of Places

Consumers Are Nodding off or Falling Sound Asleep in All Sorts of Places

Selling Sleep: Nodding off

The epidemic of sleeplessness that haunts Americans is vividly sketched in these survey findings. Consumers are nodding off or falling sound asleep in all sorts of places: In the movie theater, at work, watching their kids, at parties, in church, in their cars and in school. Some of those naps may simply prove embarrassing. But falling asleep while driving, which 7% of consumers admit doing in the past six months, can easily prove fatal.

Given this broad range of sleeplessness, consumers are obviously extremely interested in getting a better night of sleep. Collectively, the mattress industry must embrace findings like these and do everything in its power to sell better sleep. This should be a simple exercise; many consumers know they are sleeping on the job, at church and in many other places that they shouldn't.

Applying the findings

This should be yet another wake-up call for the mattress industry. Almost half of the consumers surveyed admit to nodding off or sleeping in places where they should be doing something else. Looking for a big marketing opportunity? Here it is.

Retailers must make better sleep messages part of their regular advertising programs. And savvy retail sales associates should have this survey data ready to explain in simple terms the toll that sleeplessness takes on many consumers.

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Selling Sleep: Nodding off
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