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  • Batman Tops Best-Selling List as Superhero Toy Sales Exceed £200m
    Aug 8, 2017

    The LEGO: Batman movie helped drive sales for Gotham’s hero, propelling LEGO Minifigures to the number one best-selling superhero toy to July 1st this year. The Caped Crusader has trounced his rivals across the DC and Marvel ...

  • China Reported Growth in Toys Trade in 2016
    Apr 2, 2017

    China reported growth in both import and export of toys in 2016, which fortified the country's status as a major manufacturer and consumer of toys, a report published Thursday said. Last year, China exported toys valued at 33.7 billion ...

  • AIS Dates Independent Toy and Gift Show 2017
    Oct 12, 2016

    The show will take place earlier than in previous years to avoid the Easter holidays, ensuring that the show is accessible to as many independent buyers as possible. The Independent Toy and Gift Show will take place on Tuesday 4th and ...

  • Licensing Expo China to Launch in July 2017
    Oct 12, 2016

    UBM's new launch will take place at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (NECC), Shanghai, China. UBM will launch the inaugural Licensing Expo China in 2017. Licensing Expo China will be open from July 18th to July 20th at the ...

  • Toy Fair 2017 Sold out
    Oct 9, 2016

    The success of the sales has been fuelled by the show’s return to its Tuesday to Thursday format, helping it sell out a full four months ahead of the show next year. Toy Fair 2017 has sold out. The British Toy and Hobby ...

  • US Toy Fair Breaks Into The 40 Largest Industry Trade Shows in North America
    Oct 9, 2016

    In at number 39, it marks the first time the show has been ranked within the top 40. US Toy Fair has come in at number 39 in Trade Show Executive magazine’s Gold 100 List of North America's largest and most-accomplished trade shows ...

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  • Kids Gifts that Go a Long Way
    Mar 5, 2019

    Anyone who has a little kid would often find his home in a mess, and then sometimes you may regret you bought so many toys that took up too much place. Even if not for toy storage headaches, you would still want to have a second thought ...

  • China Toys Export Analysis in 2015
    Aug 16, 2016

    China’s Toys Export Volume & Value in 2015 Month Volume Value(USD) on Year Volume Value January 3,392,669,199 1,104,900,141 -32.90% 9.30% ...

  • America's Toy Import & Export Analysis
    Apr 5, 2016

    America's Toy Import Trend in 2011-2014 From 2011 to 2014, America’s toy import value was USD 10904 million, 10915 million, 11122 million. The import value in 2014 increased 9.2% by year, 11.4% higher than 2011. Major ...

  • Japan's Toy Import & Export Analysis From 2011 to 2014
    Apr 5, 2016

    Japan’s Toy Import Trend in 2011-2014 Japan’s toy import value was USD 1905 million in 2011, USD 2089 million in 2012, USD 1981 million in 2013 and USD 2025 million in 2014. The toy import value in 2014 increased 2.2% by ...

  • Germany Toy Import Analysis From 2011 to 2014
    Apr 5, 2016

    Germany Toy Import Trend in 2011-2014 Germany toy import value was USD 2.67 billion, 2.51 billion, 2.64 billion and 2.9 billion from 2011 to 2014. The import value in 2014 increased 9.7% by year, 8.9% higher than 2011. ...

  • Canada's Toy Import & Export Analysis
    Apr 5, 2016

    Canada’s Toy Import Value in 2011-2014 Canada’s toy import value was USD 1210 billion in 2011, USD 1322 million in 2012, USD 1351 million in 2013, USD 1379 million in 2014. The toy import value in 2014 increased 2.0% by ...

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  • How to Develop a Product in China
    May 20, 2019

    1. Design So you have an idea for a product and you’re looking to get it developed and manufactured in China. Many people from around the world have the same idea every year. Getting your project successfully produced by Chinese ...

  • S.H. Figuarts Has Revealed Its Upcoming Luigi Action Figure
    Aug 5, 2014

    Articulated figure of the green-wearing gaming icon will arrive in January 2015. S.H. Figuarts has revealed its upcoming Luigi action figure. Based on gaming's second favourite Italian plumber, ActionFigureFury reports that the ...

  • ToyNews and Valentine's Day
    Feb 18, 2014

    ToyNews is awash with warm, fuzzy feelings of lurve as we list the top toys to melt your partner's heart. Valentine's Day: A corporate scam to sell shedloads of cards, chocolates and flowers or yet another opportunity to show that special ...

  • Graphic Designer Joe Stone Created a Unique Version of a Classic Game: Pulp Fiction Guess
    Jan 22, 2014

    Boasts the tagline 'Does he look like a bitch?' As a birthday present for a friend, graphic designer Joe Stone created a unique version of a classic game: Pulp Fiction Guess Who?. Armed with the tagline 'Does he look like a bitch?', the ...

  • Your Son or Daughter Needs a Bike That Fits Properly
    Nov 12, 2013

    In cash-strapped times even cycling parents may consider economising when it comes to buying a bike for their child; after all, they’ll outgrow it in a few years. But here’s the thing: you don’t get forever to sell ...

  • Enjoy a Green Life with a Tricycle
    Jun 14, 2013

    A tricycle, often abbreviated to trike, is a three-wheeled vehicle. Tricycles are used by children and adults. In Asia and Africa, tricycles called pedicabs are used to transport passengers; tricycles are also used to ...

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Guangdong 58.6%
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Jiangsu 7.9%
Shanghai 5.4%
Hebei 4.6%

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Guangdong 43.2%
Zhejiang 36.4%
Jiangsu 11.4%
Anhui 4.5%
Hongkong 4.5%

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