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Sourcing Guide for Lighting Products

If you want to sourcing lighting products from China, you could focus on this professional sourcing guide. You can find the quality products and suppliers in Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Dongguan and Guangzhou.

Sourcing Guide for Lighting Products

The city of Shenzhen has become a world leader in the electronic production industry and LED package industry. Shenzhen manufactures all supporting end-product applications for the LED industry. It has become a key player in the development of circuit and optical design for LED products.

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The ancient town of Zhongshan enjoys the reputation of being "China's lighting capital". It is China's largest lighting production & sales base. Its greatest advantage lies in its complete industry chain. All types of accessories, power supplies and assemblies are produced in this town.

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In addition, Dongguan and Guangzhou are also the important city in lighting industry of Guangdong. Look at this Page and find more quality lighting products in Guangdong:

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