Trade Resources Company News Scania Starts Selling Lpg Trucks in Netherlands

Scania Starts Selling Lpg Trucks in Netherlands

Scania has started selling its Euro 6 trucks powered by liquefied natural gas in the Netherlands, after having launched the vehicle in 2014.

Liquefied natural gas (LNG), which is billed as the fuel having environmental benefits, is also stated to be cost-effective as it involves lesser investment for building the infrastructure for LNG as against compressed natural gas (CNG).

The fuel also cuts down on carbon dioxide by 10%, does away with particle emissions and slashes nitrogen oxide emissions by more than a third.

Sara Johansson, who works in Scania's Customised Truck Development division, says. "The question isn't whether LNG is going to be big, but rather when this is going to happen... LNG vehicles have a higher purchase price, but the many environmental advantages and lower fuel costs outweigh the higher purchase price for many customers."

"This way, we can quickly and simply reach a lot of people in a range of locations around the world."

Besides, the company has said transport companies could cover up to 1,000km after filling the tank with LNG, as against just 250km to 300km on a tank of CNG. CNG is said to be used for limited city distribution and garbage collection.

Countries such as Australia, Brazil, India and China have big gas reserves and are expected to have a strong focus on gas. In Europe, meanwhile, the trend for gas is being driven by price, with the cost in most countries 40 to 50 percent lower than diesel.


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