Trade Resources Company News BYD Has Represented All-Electric E6 Taxis to Be Put Into Service in The Colombia

BYD Has Represented All-Electric E6 Taxis to Be Put Into Service in The Colombia

Chinese electric vehicles maker BYD has displayed all-electric e6 taxis to be put into service in the Bogotá, Colombia, a move which marks the launch of the largest all-electric taxi fleet in South America.

These fleet vehicles are a part of the country's new BIOTAXIS Project.

The company held a ceremony to display these new cars at Tercer Milenio Charging Station in order to put these vehicles into service in Bogota.

Powered by BYD's Iron-Phosphate battery technology, e6 is a 5-passenger, long-range, pure electric utility vehicle. It includes a sedan and a SUV with interior space and additional 450L cargo space.

The new vehicle can be fully charged in 2 hours using the company's bi-directional charging and discharging technology. The vehicle will cover up to 300km per charge.

Bogota mayor Gustavo Petro Urrero said that the purpose of this pilot is to replace conventional taxis with the electric taxis and show a visible benefit to investors due to the reduced operational cost of electric vehicles.

"Anybody who owns a combustion taxi in operation has the ability to replace it with an electric taxi now," Urrero added.

Colombia Department of the Environment and Sustainability Deputy Minister Adriana Soto Carreo said: "We hope other cities would also introduce pure electric and hybrid electric vehicles into public transportation, to reduce particulate matter and pollution and improve public health."

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Largest All-Electric Taxi Fleet in South America Launched in Bogota
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