Trade Resources Company News Cherkizovo Breaks Ground on New $90m Meat Processing Plant in Russia

Cherkizovo Breaks Ground on New $90m Meat Processing Plant in Russia

Russian meat producer Cherkizovo Group has started construction of a new $90m meat processing plant in the Moscow region.

Expected to be the largest in the meat processing category in Europe once completed, the plant is located in Kashira district of the Moscow region.

The Russian meat processor said that the plant will have a production capacity of 80 tons per day, surpassing that of any other meat processing facility in the continent.

Following the completion, the Kashira meat processing plant is expected to create 150 job openings in the Moscow region.

As part of the new facility’s benefits to the region, Cherkizovo expects to pay additional taxes in excess of RUB3bn ($50m) over the next five years.

Taking into account the scale of the investment and significance of the facility, the company has applied to get the project assigned as a strategic investment project.

To ensure to ensure the quality and biosafety of the end products at the Kashira plant, the company said that it would deploy state-of-the-art equipment.

Cherkizovo said: “The Kashira meat processing plant marks the Company’s next step to further expand its presence in the Moscow region, which is one of the most attractive places to do business in Russia.”

The plant will also feature energy-efficient technologies as the sausage production process will be fully automated.

It also said that raw materials for the sausages will be procured from its other segments.

Employing 6,000 people in the Moscow region, Cherkizovo has poultry production plants in Mosselprom and Petelino besides a feed mill in Ozherelye.  

In December last year, the company announces the launch of the Donskoy hatchery, which was the first stage of the Eletsprom poultry production facility.

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