Trade Resources Company News French Company Selects RPC's Supercube Pails

French Company Selects RPC's Supercube Pails

French staples company Compagnie des Agrafes has selected RPC’s 100% biodegradable SuperCube pails as vineyard clips for vertical growth of vines.

RPC claims that both product and pack have attracted good reviews and the clips have also seen rise in sales.

Compagnie des Agrafes selected the 5.5 litre SuperCube because of its need to have a convenient and reusable plastic pail to replace the more usual plastic bags in cardboard boxes.

These new starch clips, which are used to keep the vine attached to the supporting wires so that they grow upwards and save up to ten hours per hectare of later gathering by being fully biodegradable.

Compagnie des Agrafes assistant manager Chloé Gautherot said: “It was clear to us that we wanted to sell our new clips in plastic pails, but we were not more specific than that. During our packaging market search, the RPC Superfos website caught our attention and we got in touch. It was a sound decision and we are perfectly pleased to cooperate with this dynamic and attentive packaging provider.

“We appreciate that RPC Superfos gave us the opportunity to test various pail options. We finally opted for the square SuperCube solution because it hits the spot in terms of aesthetic aspects, reusability, dimensions and logistics.”

Chloé Gautherot also stated that vineyard farmers also feel that the practical pail can bring value to the clips, as they can avoid the need for transferring the clips from bags to pails, which are needed for trellising.

Besides this, the benefits of sustainability of using the reusable pails are claimed to be a great match fr plant-based clips.

It is claimed that Chloé Gautherot has prepared the artwork design for the pails. She stated that the layout and drawings were precisely transferred to the pail and everything was feasible because of the in-mould labelling technique.

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