Trade Resources Company News British Manufacturer Launches Britain's First Whole-Milk Infant Formulas

British Manufacturer Launches Britain's First Whole-Milk Infant Formulas

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Supermarkets and corner stores around Britain can now offer customers a new brand called Kendamil, which is not only the sole infant formula to be manufactured to a whole milk recipe, rather than skimmed, but also the only infant formula in the British market actually manufactured in Britain.

This contrasts with competitor formulas currently on sale in UK stores, which are all imported.

The unique and nutritious new Kendamil range is produced by Kendal Nutricare - which has a factory in Kendal, the Lake District, in the heart of Beatrix Potter country, or 'Kendamil Country', as it is rapidly becoming known.

Kendamil's premium infant formulas are closer to mother nature due to their full cream milk goodness. The powder is formulated with essential vitamins and minerals and contains added prebiotics (GOS) and Omega 3 and 6. It is manufactured to a traditional recipe and contains fewer vegetable oils than competitor infant formulas.

The Kendamil products are already delighting parents. The whole-milk formula delivers the goodness babies need for energy and sound sleep and helps overcome digestive issues. Children are reported to be happier and parents are also feeling more rested and relaxed, as their baby sleeps longer and suffers less distress.

Parents can also trust the product. Milk used in the Kendamil whole-milk infant formulas has a fully traceable provenance, coming from dairy herds around Cumbria. This reaches Kendal Nutricare within 48 hours of the cow being milked, with pasteurisation taking place in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, before the liquid milk enters the factory. Kendamil formula is then processed from a wet blend, into which Omega 3 (DHA) and Omega 6 (ARA) and the pre-biotic GOS are added. Finally, the blend is spray-dried and packed under gas.

Kendamil infant formula is available in 400g (RRP £4.99) and 900g tins (RRP £9.49) and three age ranges: 0-6 months, 6-12 months and 12-36 months. As the word about the brand's points of difference spreads, parents around Cumbria are clamouring to buy it and urging local suppliers to list it.

Premium Kendamil cereals are also proving hugely popular among very young consumers and their parents. Rather than buying in dried fruit, Kendal Nutricare sources fresh fruit for its organic and non organic ranges, free from contaminants, heavy metals and pesticides and brought into the factory as a fruit pulp. Highly nutritious fruits, such as blueberries, apples, bananas, pears, apricot and peach are mixed with a combination of whole milk, oat flakes and rice. The cereals retail in 100g, 120g and 125g boxes (RRP £1.69) and have already been listed by the NHS since March 1.

A team of laboratory research scientists, in constant consultation with paediatric specialists, are the driving force between this premium infant brand. Many of these specialists have over 25 years' experience in making baby food product in Kendal for previous owners of the factory - GSK, Boots and, latterly, HJ Heinz.

Kendamil's decision to give its baby products a unique selling point, thanks to using whole milk, rather than the skimmed that all other manufacturers use, is already paying off abroad, as well as on home soil. Kendal Nutricare has just signed a £6 million contract with a Chinese government subsidiary, attracted much attention at Gulfoods in Dubai - the world's largest food show - and is in talks with distributors in many different countries.

Ross McMahon says: "Word-of-mouth recommendation and social media are spreading news of Kendamil fast and parents are becoming the best ambassadors for our unique whole milk, British brand. We are receiving personal testimonials from happy parents, because we have strategically moved back to a traditional wholesome recipe. We are now actively seeking listings in the British market, so that we can satisfy the demand we are creating."

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