Trade Resources Company News Ikea Centres Russia Launches New Food Concept ‘TASTE BOULEVARD’

Ikea Centres Russia Launches New Food Concept ‘TASTE BOULEVARD’

IKEA Centres Russia, part of IKEA Centres Group, is launching its new food concept called ‘Taste Boulevard’.

The first example will be found at the heart of one of its flagship centres - MEGA Teply Stan in Moscow. This new dining experience is part of a major €30 million food and beverage upgrade programme from IKEA Centres Russia for the first two of its Moscow centres - MEGA Teply Stan and MEGA Khimki - with other centres around Russia to follow.

With the new 'Taste Boulevard', IKEA Centres Russia has doubled the size of its food and beverage offering at MEGA Teply Stan to 5000 sqm (53, 820 sq ft), providing more space for both existing and new tenants. MEGA Teply Stan will now house a total of over 30 local and international food concepts such as Magnolia Bakery, Red Mango, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, ObedBuffet by Ginza project, Correa's, Plovberry and a unique Russian farmers' restaurant and shop LavkaLavka.

IKEA Centres Russia is taking Food & Beverage to a new level with a new offer for all customers. All guests have food & beverage catered to their tastes regardless of their gender, age or budget. 'Taste Boulevard' is the place where people meet, relax and enjoy a variety of food and beverage mix at different prices - healthy food for families, kids menu, organic food, vegetarian and a wide selection of national cuisines - from Russian, Italian to South American. To provide an even more innovative and quality dining space, 'Taste Boulevard' is divided into different zones such as family, youngsters and urban - each with its own design feel. Each restaurant space is partitioned into separate segments for fast food, and longer 'destination' dining concepts, in an effort to meet all consumers' needs. A central piazza within the food court is now the mall's main meeting and relaxation spot. This has been designed specifically for 'Taste Boulevard'.

This renewed focus on dining comes as a result of changing consumer habits towards food in Russia. There is a particularly high interest for healthy food, as well as getting a taste for different and international cuisine from all over the world. More than 35 million people visit MEGA Teply Stan annually and 97% of them enjoy the food court, the cafes and the restaurants.

Olga Shevtsova, Commercial Director of IKEA Centres Russia said: "We are dedicated to increasing the level of dining and leisure services in our shopping centres, ensuring our customers spend longer in our centres, as well as our tenants making the most of the opportunity. We know from experience and our own research that there is a huge potential in developing new spaces for our customers to enjoy eating out, adding to their usual shopping experience.'

Similar plans are in place and underway at MEGA Khimki, with the incorporation of a fresh food market that comprises 750 sq.m (8,000 sq.ft) in the heart of the centre, and now allows local farmers to sell fresh products directly to customers.

The Commercial upgrade programme is currently being rolled out in IKEA Centres Russia's MEGAs including MEGA Khimki, MEGA Kazan and MEGA Ekaterinburg

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