Trade Resources Company News Apple to Launch The New iPad on 22, Oct.

Apple to Launch The New iPad on 22, Oct.

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It's reported that Apple will launch the new iPad on this Tuesday to join the competition with Amazon's and Samsung's tablet products.

Earlier, Apple sent invitation to the  launch event on Tuesday to the media.

Apple to Launch The New iPad on 22, Oct.

The iPad 5 will be smaller than the iPad 4, if a video from Chinese parts supplier is to be believed. The video compares the iPad 5 with an iPad 4 and concludes after measuring the two devices that it will be slimmer, lighter and thinner.

According to the video, the iPad 4 measures 241.2mm  x 185.7mm x 9.4mm.

By comparison the iPad 5 measures 239.2 mm =x 169.5mm x 7.2mm.

The iPad 5 weighs almost half that of the iPad 4, according to Sw-box.

iPad 4 weight is 0.146 g

iPad 5 weight is 0.092g

The Chinese video suggests that the iPad 5 is a "larger size of iPad mini," comparing the positionling of the lightning port and volume controls.

There is also an extra microphone hole.


Written by Nicolas Yang

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