Trade Resources Company News LANXESS Kicked off Its First Pigments Symposium Under The Topic Sustainable Technology

LANXESS Kicked off Its First Pigments Symposium Under The Topic Sustainable Technology

LANXESS, a leading manufacturer of synthetic iron oxide pigments, kicked off its first Pigments Symposium under the topic "Sustainable Technology for a Clean Environment" in Shanghai [Nov 22].

More than 140 participants including customers and distributors from the industry as well as representatives from academia, government, associations and media gathered together with LANXESS executives and experts, sharing trends and outlooks for the inorganic pigments industry with a special focus on sustainability both globally and in China. In addition, LANXESS used the symposium to introduce a new-to-the-market technology in the sustainable manufacturing of light shade red pigments.

LANXESS Inorganic Pigments is playing a pioneering role in developing environmentally compatible pigment manufacturing processes. At the symposium, LANXESS technical experts introduced a major step forward in Penniman Red production technology with an important innovation recently developed in this field.

LANXESS is building a new facility for premium iron oxide red pigments in Ningbo, China, using the Penniman process optimized by the company to ensure high environmental compatibility by optimizing water treatment and waste gas cleaning. The plant, characterized by its particularly high energy efficiency, is designed to meet and exceed the latest environmental standards.

"With this plant we will be the first inorganic pigments' manufacturer that is able to produce these yellow shade red pigments in an environmentally-friendly and consistent way," said Wolfgang Oehlert, Head of Technical Operations at LANXESS Inorganic Pigments.

The symposium is held in conjunction with CHINACOAT, Shanghai, November 20 to 22. LANXESS' Inorganic Pigments business unit has featured a full range of products under the brand names Bayferrox and Colortherm during the show. As a highlight of this year's show, the Inorganic Pigments business unit introduced innovative premium products like the New Red pigments produced by the Penniman Red process. These highly saturated red iron oxide pigments complement LANXESS' existing product range and strengthen LANXESS' position to serve both the growing local market in China and the global market.

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LANXESS Unveiled Technology to Produce Eco-Friendly Red Pigments at Pigments Symposium
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