Trade Resources Company News Continental Introduces New Winter Tires for Trucks and Busses

Continental Introduces New Winter Tires for Trucks and Busses

With the current temperatures you might not be thinking about winter just yet, but now is the time for the transport industry to equip its fleets with suitable winter tires.

For driving safely with optimal traction even on damp or icy roads, Continental recommends fitting trucks and busses with winter tires on all axles for the cold winter season. Tires featuring the mud and snow (M+S) label on the drive axle are the minimum legal requirement for winter driving in many European countries. Continental's portfolio of tailor-made winter tires for trucks are specially developed for every axle position, featuring optimum steering and directional control for the front axle, maximum traction and brake force on the driving axle, as well as significantly better grip when cornering and braking for the trailer axles.

Furthermore, the German premium tire manufacturer has also developed special winter tires for city busses and coaches.

The comprehensive winter tire portfolio from Continental includes tailor-made tires for trucks and buses that provide maximum driving safety on snow and ice.

Continental's winter tires, identified by the snowflake symbol on the tire wall, easily outperform M+S tires and also significantly exceed the requirements of the "Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake" symbol (3PMSF). For winter tires to be labeled with the 3PMSF symbol, they have to pass a standard practical test defined in the ECE directive no. 117.02 and exhibit suitability for winter use on snowy roads in a braking and traction comparison test.

Traction comparison tests carried out by Continental with standard tires strikingly demonstrate that, when used on all axles, Continental tires for trucks shorten the braking distance on snow at a speed of 50 km/h by nearly 10 meters. At the same time, they also increase traction by up to 40 percent in extreme winter conditions.

Through the Scandinavia winter tire range, Continental offers a comprehensive portfolio for trucks used in both distribution transport - sizes 17.5 and 19.5 inches - and in long-distance transport, size 22.5 inches. The range includes the HTW 2 SCANDINAVIA 445/45 R19.5 trailer tire and a special winter tire for megaliners for the important segment of volume and heavy-duty transport.

Continental also has the answer for passenger transport with the new Conti UrbanScandinavia and the HSW 2 Coach, which meet the various requirements for busses in the winter.

The Conti UrbanScandinavia HA3 for bus transportation truly stands its ground as an all-round tire fitment on the roads in winter, with its design consisting of numerous biting edges and sipes. The Conti UrbanScandinavia HD3 is a special winter tire for the drive axle and offers maximum traction in regions that see heavy snowfall. Thanks to the closed ribbed tread pattern and 3D microsipes the Continental HSW 2 Coach for coaches safely and quietly transmits the drive and lateral forces to the road. It can be used as an all-round tire fitment on all axles.

This rounds off Continental's portfolio of modern winter tires, one of the most comprehensive tire ranges on the commercial vehicle market, ensuring safe driving on snow.

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