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The Next Future of Chengli Special Automobile

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Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd is a company with a tradition of over 10 years in the engineering industry and has aggregated a wide experience in this field. The main strategic program is focused on the production of trailers, tankers, dump trucks and other special vehicles. The company currently employs 1100 people and enjoys strong growth. Its turnover in 2007 is USD66.5 million and in 2013 it reached USD213.7 million. Chengli now ranks top 3 in special vehicle in China. The company' S total area is 1230 acres and in 2013 its annual production ability will expand to 20, 000 units.

Li Yang is in charge of the foreign trade department. In his eyes, Chengli is growing quite rapidly though it’s a very young enterprise founded in 2004. The production and sales volume ranks first among domestic counterparts and Chengli ranks 390 in China's top 500 private firms.

Currently, most Chinese special vehicle suppliers put their target market on developing countries in the Third World countries. The level of economic development there decides that “competitive prices” is the key to win. While many suppliers choose Africa and South America as the core market, Chengli’s key market lies in South Asia and Southeast Asia – Cambodia, Burma, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Why?

Li Yang said, the economic recovery in South Asia will lead to demand revives, and “"One Belt One Road"may also be a positive. South Asia will be the next competition focus and it will bring new challenges as well as opportunities for enterprises.

To better fulfill the market demands, Chengli has taken several measures for self-improvement
1, Increased spending on R&D. For example, the newest research achievement ----hydraulic system has recently got into production and gained market acceptance.
2, Increase the amount of production and sale to dilute the procurement cost. According to Li Yang’s opinion, the larger procurement scale, the bigger bargaining power. Chengli has such strength compared to other competitors in the industry, so it can achieve win-win result by signing agreement on price and purchase volumes.
3, Keep up with the market trend. Currently, Chengli’s electric road sweeper truck ,electric garbage truck have been released for mass production and will meet the market demand in Southeast Asia, Africa, Central and South America and Pacific islands in the future. Li Yang predicts that new energy vehicle will become the main stream in 3—5 years.

Let’s looking forward to the next bloom of Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd.

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