Trade Resources Company News 900 Million Litres of Water Was Saved by Lindex

900 Million Litres of Water Was Saved by Lindex

During the past year, 900 million litres of water was saved by Lindex suppliers through cleaner production projects in India and Bangladesh.

Lindex Saves 900mn Litres Water in 2014

According to a press release from the Swedish fashion retailer, Lindex also became a partner to WaterAid as an extension of their water related sustainability work.

In 2014, 16.3 million pieces of garments were made by sustainable materials which accounts for 22 per cent of total production of Lindex.

“By 2020, the goal is that at least 80 per cent of Lindex garments are made of more sustainable fibres and all cotton will come from sustainable sources,” the retailer said.

Additionally, with the aim to empower factory workers in their supply chain, Lindex has now reached 8,000 female factory workers by educating them on their personal health.

In collaboration with QuizRR, Lindex is now developing a tool that will educate factory workers about their rights and responsibilities.

During 2014, Lindex also started collecting textile for reuse and recycling in 50 selected stores in Sweden.

This was done in cooperation with the app Cirqle and Myrorna, as a part of the aim to close the material loop.

It also collaborated with Jean Paul Gaultier on a collection for the Breast Cancer Foundation and together with its customers, donated €1.4 million to cancer research.

“We are working steadily ahead towards our sustainability targets and our aim is that all garments are produced using less energy, water and chemicals and producing less waste,” CEO Ingvar Larsson said.

“Lindex suppliers´ production operations throughout the supply chain are significantly dependent on access to water,” Larsson added.

“We will continue our collaborations and projects with suppliers and other stakeholders where we are implementing responsible water usage,” he noted.

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Lindex Saves 900mn Litres Water in 2014