Trade Resources Company News Multivac Launches Controlled Syringe Feed System

Multivac Launches Controlled Syringe Feed System

German packaging solutions provider Multivac has introduced new solution for the automatic infeed of prefilled syringes, allowing seamless integrating into a packaging line.

The system is designed for prefilled glass or plastic syringes with or without hollow needles and has processing speed of up to 300 injections per minute.

Additionally, the syringe feed system can control syringes with a diameter of 6.5mm to 25mm and a length of 70mm to 150mm. This allows syringes to be reliably fed into a thermoforming packaging machine.

In addition to ensuring controlled infeed process, the infeed system offers a high degree of flexibility with option of easy and fast conversion between various syringe and carrier formats.

A product infeed conveyor transports the syringes to the actual loading system. The products, by means of transport rails, will then arrive at a star wheel, where they are separated and oriented.

The vertically arranged syringes are later positioned horizontally where the star wheel transfers them to a servo-driven trapeze belt.

The robots will then take up the products and deposit in the pack cavity of the thermoforming packaging machine.

Multivac said that the system control is user-friendly and safe through the HMI of the thermoforming packaging machine.

The company provides packaging solutions for food products of all types, life science and healthcare products as well as industrial items. It employs approximately 4,700 people.

Its portfolio includes vacuum chamber machines, traysealers, thermoforming packaging machines, labellers, quality control systems, automation solutions and even turnkey lines.

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