Trade Resources Company News Carvel Created The Brand New Witch Cake to Add Some Fright -- and Delight -- to Halloween

Carvel Created The Brand New Witch Cake to Add Some Fright -- and Delight -- to Halloween

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Here's something to scream about: Carvel... America's Freshest Ice Cream, has created the brand new Witch cake to add some fright -- and delight -- to Halloween this year. The new cake joins returning classic cakes and novelty treats specially designed to celebrate all upcoming holidays, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas.

Featuring a ghastly green witch face made from whipped frosting, the new Witch cake is made from two layers of fresh ice cream separated by a layer of chocolate crunchies. Guests can also enjoy the popular chocolate-and-vanilla layered Pumpkin cake and the Ice Screamer, a take-home novelty treat decorated as a ghost, for their All Hallows' Eve festivities.

"For generations, our guests have enjoyed Carvel authentic soft serve ice cream and innovative treats for every occasion," said Carvel President Scott Colwell. "We hope the delicious new Witch cake becomes part of the family tradition just like the rest of our classic holiday novelties and cakes."

Following the Halloween menu items, Carvel will make available ice cream cakes and novelty treats for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas. For Turkey Day, guests can take home a revamped Tom the Turkey cake, on which Tom sports a new pilgrim hat and is covered with chocolate mousse and decorated with red, yellow and orange whipped topping. Carvel guests can once again treat their friends and family members to the Thanksgiving Square Cake and Lil' Gobblers, novelty treats decorated as turkeys, while Carvel Jewish guests can take home a Menorah Square Cake for Hanukah this November.

To celebrate Christmas, guests can enjoy Carvel cakes and novelty treats in the warmth of their homes. Available again this year are the Santa and Lil' Snowman cakes, as well as the Snowman novelties, which are decorated to look like miniature snowmen.

All Carvel cakes serve up to 10 people and the novelty treats are available in convenient packs of four. Guests can visit their nearest Carvel Shoppe to pick up cakes and novelties and many shoppe locations now offer a way to order ahead

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Carvel Introduces New Witch Cake for Halloween and Brings Back Holiday Classics