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Groupe PSA Designs New Electrified Light Vehicle for EU-Live Project

Groupe PSA has designed an electrified light vehicle under Efficient Urban LIght Vehicle (EU-LIVE) project.

The European EU-LIVE consortium includes 12 partners from six countries, with Groupe PSA being the only carmaker.

The consortium has revealed a new L5e-category electrified mobility solution, which is placed between the two-wheel and four-wheel segments.

Groupe PSA’s newly designed vehicle is installed with a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) powertrain two electric in-wheel motors and petrol internal combustion engine.

The new EU-LIVE electrified mobility solution is suitable for roads and motorways.

The vehicle, which has tilting mechanism for better handling, is also provided with hydraulic components and hydropneumatic suspension.

With the support of two rear electric in-wheel motors, the vehicle runs in zero-emission mode at speed of up to 70km per hour. Two consortium partners Elaphe and Brembo have developed this mechanism.

Samsung SDI has developed 48-volt electric battery, which can be recharged by using regenerative braking technology.

The Peugeot scooter 31-kilowatt single-cylinder petrol engine will assume the propulsion, when driving on inter-urban roads at speeds of between 70km and 130km.

With a total range of 300km, the light vehicle has a top speed of 130km per hour.

Other features of the vehicle include an enclosed and heated cabin and rotating doors, as well as seatbelts and an airbag.

Groupe PSA research and advanced engineering senior vice president Carla Gohin said: “This new electrified light vehicle allows an individual, safe and sustainable mobility thanks to its zero-emission mode. We are proud to take part in this European project with all our partners.”

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