Trade Resources Company News Inocucor's Microbial Crop Accelerator Secures California Approval

Inocucor's Microbial Crop Accelerator Secures California Approval

Inocucor Technologies’ microbial crop accelerator for farmers and greenhouse growers has been approved for use in California.

Registration by the California Department of Food and Agriculture also includes certification for the Organic Input Material (OIM) Program for use in organic crop and food production.

The Montreal based agri-biotech company will rename its microbial crop accelerator Garden Solution as Synergro to better reflect its application as farrm input product that improves soil health and naturally improves crop yields. 

Inocucor president and CEO Donald Marvin said: "Many start-ups and emerging companies in the microbial products arena are still in R & D mode. Our product development and formulation scientists have produced a commercially proven, patented first-in-class bio-stimulant product that is available for California's high-value produce growers today.

"We anticipate Inocucor will gain rapid acceptance from California's vast network of innovative, production-minded farmers, large and small, organic and conventional."

Garden Solution, which has been listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for organic production, was in the past approved by regulators in 22 American states. It is currently being used by famers and greenhouse growers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Virginia and Georgia.

Marvin said that Inocucor is in talks with agricultural product distributors in California to roll out the product and is carrying out field trials with a number of strawberry, tomato, broccoli and lettuce growers in the state.

Its another product dubbed Synergro-Free, a sustainable biological accelerator, is targeted at production of agriculture row crops.

Approved by 16 US states till date, Synergro-Free is claimed to deliver significant increase in crop yields.

In June, the company closed an extended Series A financing round, raising $6m. It also secured a US patent for its consortia and microbial products.

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