Trade Resources Company News Kyvalley Dairy Acquires Murray Goulburn's Kiewa Country Milk Brand

Kyvalley Dairy Acquires Murray Goulburn's Kiewa Country Milk Brand

Family-owned dairy business Kyvalley Dairy Group has acquired Murray Goulburn’s Kiewa Country brand along with the processing and packing equipment for an undisclosed sum.

The Kyabram-based company purchased the brand and several associated milk processing and packaging assets in July.

Mulcahy brothers Wayne, Peter and David Mulcahy who owns the dairy group said that acquisition favors the family business to hold the reputed brand, support farmers and generate employment opportunities in Northern Victoria.

The dairy group have workforce of 120 employees and are expanding their business of supplying fresh milk locally and globally.

Peter Mulcahy said: “Kyvalley Dairy believes in the Australian dairy industry and we are investing in its future. With the purchase of Kiewa Country, we are continuing our support of local communities.”

Kyvalley Dairy Group, a 160 year old dairy farming family business is now operated by the 5th generation. It supplies fresh milk products across Asia Pacific region via a supply chain from feed to final product. 

Recently, the dairy group has started supplying its a2 milk for the food stores located across Singapore.

A group of Australian dairy farmers have formed MG more than 65 years ago and are producing range of dairy foods including fresh milk, long life milk, milk powder, cheese, cream, cream cheese, butter.

It also supplies dairy beverages, range of ingredients and nutritional products like infant formula at their manufacturing facilities located across Australia.

The dairy products business has expanded to support more than 2,200 dairy farming businesses across south eastern Australia.

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