Trade Resources Company News Exent Unveiled Plans to Further Extend Its Gametanium Mobile Service to The TV Platform

Exent Unveiled Plans to Further Extend Its Gametanium Mobile Service to The TV Platform

Exent, provider of game subscription services for the world's leading mobile operators and device manufacturers, today unveiled plans to further extend its GameTanium Mobile service to the TV platform through GameTanium for TV. The forthcoming service delivers a revolutionary gaming experience to the big screen: games run on Android smartphones are displayed on the TV while the mobile device serves as the game controller.The GameTanium for TV service, which will be commercially available later this year, is being demonstrated at Mobile World Congress this week, along with Exent's GameTanium Mobile product suite for smartphones and tablets.

The new GameTanium for TV service enables full-featured gaming on a TV using an Android device as both the controller and gaming platform.  As a result, all the benefits of smartphone gaming interfaces - including touch, tap, drag and accelerometer functionality – are available to gamers while playing on the TV. GameTanium for TV further extends Exent's "Play Anywhere" vision by enabling players to start a game on their phone, continue the game on the TV when they are home, and resume the game on the phone when they are on the go. 

GameTanium presents a valuable opportunity for mobile operators and device manufacturers to engage consumers on smartphones, tablets and TVs. Exent's GameTanium turnkey, fully-managed game subscription services give operators a premium content offering that increases average revenue per user (ARPU) and strengthens brand loyalty. Combining GameTanium's content and programming expertise with customizable elements ranging from a brandable UI to pricing and packaging, the service provides carriers with the industry's most comprehensive game service on the market. 

"We remain focused on delivering a revolutionary, all-you-can-play subscription games service that supports anytime, anywhere game play," says Zvi Levgoren, CEO at Exent. "Our GameTanium for TV service represents the next evolution of that vision and a tremendous opportunity for mobile operators, as it enables them to keeps their customers actively engaged whether they are on the go or relaxing on the couch at home."

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Mobile Gaming Gets Even Bigger with Exent's Gametanium for TV