Trade Resources Company News Foton-Daimler Won Purchase Contract of 1000 Trailers

Foton-Daimler Won Purchase Contract of 1000 Trailers

On the morning of August 16, Foton-Daimler, Capital Logistic and Beijing Huanda Automobile Assembly held signing ceremony in Beijing. The strategic purchase contract of 1000 intermediate axle trailers opened new road of development and exploration under the new trend of logistic equipment upgrading. Leaders from the three sides and industrial representatives attended the ceremony.

The new version GB1589-2016 was released officially on July 26. According to the policy, double-axle trailers will be banned on the road from September 21, and about intermediate axle trailers the policy also has some qualifications. The max width is 2.55 meter and the max length is 22 meters, the trailer can load 8 to 10 cars which has an innovative effect on the whole logistic vehicle industry to ensure the good development.

However, to the logistic companies, the less load means high cost and transportation model changed. With the new GB1589 released, how to reduce the cost and improve the operating efficiency is the hot topic in the industry. Under the multiple factors, intermediate axle trailers of high efficiency, low fuel consumption, low operating cost will become the main carrier of the industry development in the future.

On the other side, low operating cost and legitimate trailers become the customers’ new needs. They will focus on purchase cost, use and maintain cost, attendance, fuel-efficient, reliability and other factors. Under the background, Foton-Daimler launched the brand new trailers to meet the two sides’ requirements.

As the strategic partner, Capital Logistic had favor of Auman products and service. After the new policy released, this order of 1000 trailers will become the strong guarantee to seize the future trailers market share.

On service, rely on Auman service network, Foton-Daimler can provide many services for the customers. On value - added services, iFOTON platform makes interconnection between people and the vehicle and manage the fleet better. At the same time, they also provide driving training and change driver’s driving habit. On economy, low down payment, low interest rate, low service fee and credit periods can meet the different economy service demands and provide a good user’s experience.

Regulatory reform is a challenge, but also an opportunity. Foton-Daimler, Capital Logistic and Beijing Huanda Automobile Assembly grasp the trend of policy development, deepen cooperation between the three parties. Under the background of the industry innovation, they will shoulder the responsibility of the industry leader to create a better trailer industry.

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