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Brief Report of Estonia's Trade in July 2016

According to the statistics from Eurostat, Estonia’s volume of goods trade was USD16.15 billion from January to July in 2016, up 0.9% year-on-year (the same below). Exports fell by 0.7% to USD7.49 billion, and imports grew by 2.3% to USD8.66 billion. The trade deficit grew by 26.9% to USD1.17 billion.

In July, Estonia’s volume of goods trade fell by 4.7% to USD2.14 billion. Exports fell by 5.6% to USD0.98 billion and imports fell by 3.9% to USD1.16 billion. And the trade deficit grew by 6.4% to USD0.18 billion.

Since January to July, bilateral trade volume between Estonia and China grew by 6.1% to USD0.53 billion. Estonia’s exports to China grew by 11.1% to USD0.1 billion. It accounted for 1.3% of Estonia’s overall export, up 0.1%. And Estonia’s imports from China grew by 5.0% to USD0.43 billion. It accounted for 5.0% of Estonia’s overall imports, up 0.1% over the previous year. Estonia’s trade deficit with China grew by 3.3% to USD0.33 billion.

China was the 15th export market of Estonia and its 9th largest source of imports up to July in 2016.

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