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Top Trends in The Window Industry for 2019

Windows have the power to dictate the feel of a room.With their ability to capture light within any space,their size,structure,and design can create a warm and inviting room in even in the smallest of rooms.Whether they are sprawling glass panes lined throughout a retail store,large frames built into a home,or the traditional designs scattered around an office building,windows can create and add to the ambiance of any room.

The global window and door industry is expected to reach over$282 Billon USD by 2022.The commercial and residential window industry is largely influenced by consumer demand and changing trends.What are some of the biggest trends forecasted to hit the global window industry in 2019?

Natural Light

Consumers are embracing the health benefits of natural light,whether at home or in the office.As a result,window sizes are becoming larger to capture more natural light.The number of windows planned in new construction may increase as well to meet this demand.With people spending more time indoors,need for larger windows or multiple windows mulled together is rising.Increasing natural light in a room also brings with it lower reliance on traditional lighting,which many consumers value as it saves them money and produce less environmental impact.

More glass,less frame

Trends indicate that consumers are not only seeking larger windows,but also less framing.Whether its ceiling-to-floor or just larger sized windows,consumers are focusing more on look and feel that abundant light has on a room.Frames are becoming smaller and thinner to accent the increased light.With a minimalist and modern look,frames are becoming simpler,with darker hues such as black or brown.

Frames are also trending toward the boxier look with sleek squares and rectangle shapes.Prairie-style privacy windows picked up speed in 2018,which was attributed to homeowner’s desire to add more lighting to the bathroom.These rectangular windows are expected to experience sales in 2019.


Not only are frames trending toward darker colors,exterior windows are moving toward different colors.One of the biggest trends in the window industry,colors such as bronze,reds,greens,and black are some of the most popular hues added to exterior windows.Homeowners are moving toward colored windows to accent lighter colored frames,similar to the“modern farmhouse”designs.Windows with a black hue,in particular,are becoming more popular due to less need for window treatments.

Experts in the industry project that colored windows will make up 16%of window sales in 2019.Expect to see to see more investment in color technology by window manufacturers to capitalize on this trend.


Continuing the trend toward being environmentally-friendly and sustainable,demand for eco-friendly windows will continue into 2019.Windows that are energy efficient will continue to be sought out by consumers.Proper insulated windows,which prevent the hot and cold elements of the environment from entering your home or office,can help to keep energy costs from air conditioning and heat lower.


A continuing trend for the window industry is the design and manufacture of homes and offices that are appealing to the millennial generation.Millennials tend to favor easy and simple home solutions.Permanent windows that require little maintenance and window coverings,such as prairie-style or non-movable windows appeal to this market.With their increased focus on the environment and sustainability,eco-friendly windows are also expected to fall into this demand.

What does the future hold for the window industry?

As the commercial and residential window industry continues to evolve to meet these changing trends,many companies are busy at work developing the trends of the future.Leveraging technology,some of these future innovative ideas include;

Windows that change color:To help reduce energy costs during the warmer months,these innovative windows can change to a darker color at the touch of button.While similar technology exists today,advances are being made to reduce the time it takes to change the shade.By utilizing an electrolyte gel and a clear conductor to help speed up the process.

Intuitive windows:Intuitive windows change color.However,this differs from current and proposed technology in that a thermochromic filter is placed inside the pane of the windows.As the window temperature rises,the filer is automatically activated,resulting in the window darkening to maximize its efficiency during warmer weather.Since it is heat-activated,the windows will not change color in cooler weather.

Self-cleaning windows:Leveraging robotic technology,these devices will clean your windows.Similar to self-cleaning devices for floors,these devices can clean hard-to-reach places,as well as the entire window.

Windows of power:These windows are being designed to capture ultraviolent waves and convert them to energy.A transparent covering is applied to the window,which will help it to gather ultraviolet waves,guiding it to the end of the plastic where it is converted to electricity using thin photovoltaic solar cells.While this is not new idea,past attempts have been unsuccessful due to the need to significantly change the color of the window in order for it to collect infrared waves.Another solution in the works is a special spray coating using a hydrogen-carbon solution to create an array of solar energy.In both cases,the color of the window will remain clear.

Bird-repelling glass:Birds cannot see the glass used for windows in their current state.A special coating is applied to the windows which allows the bird to see light in the ultraviolet spectrum,which is not visible by people.This reflection will prevent birds from flying into a window.The window can retain its color and birds are able to see it.

The commercial and residential window industry must continue to evolve in order to stay ahead of changing consumer demands and taste.Creating products and solutions that meet consumer preferences for healthy,sustainable,and energy efficient windows will continue to build this global multi-billion dollar industry.

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