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Bulbing Launches Second Generation Optical Illusion LED Luminaires

The LED luminaire that uses optical illusion to trick your brain is here to deceive more minds again. Having created the first model of Bulbing that was successfully backed within three days on Kickstarter, Israel’s Studio Cheha proposes three different types of ultra-flat LED lights on Kickstarter, this time aiming to raise £15,000 (US$ 22,817).

Acrylic transmits more light than glass and plastic. The body of the lamp is made from an acrylic glass sheet that is laser-etched. LED light runs through the specially designed lines to form a sense of dimension and depth, making the 2D lampshade silhouette appear 3D.

The 50,000-hours-lifespan LED light is heat-resistant and emits a warm white glow for indoor lighting. The new Bulbing is designed for reading purpose, according to Studio Cheha, though some found that the light tends to reflect the linear patterns etched onto the bulb, which could very likely cause disturbance to readers. Still, Bulbing illuminates and adds a fun element to shops, homes, hotels and workspaces.

Cheha introduces three different types of LED lamp styles that are inspired by traditional lamp shapes, DESKi, ZIGGi and CLASSi. The early birds packages were all gone and will be shipped by January 2016. The Kickstarter is successfully backed totaling £95,558 (US $ 145,385) and the amount is still growing.

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