Trade Resources Industry Views RPC Launches New Straight Cylindrical Jar for Ice Cream

RPC Launches New Straight Cylindrical Jar for Ice Cream

RPC PET Power has expanded its PET jar portfolio with the introduction of new 450ml straight cylindrical jar.

The new 450ml straight cylindrical jar has been designed to be used for ice cream

Featuring 89mm diameter neck, the new jar’s sleek lines allow to fill ice cream combined with the convenience of easy scooping.

RPC’s new jar is part of the straight cylindrical range, which is mostly used in personal care and food product applications.

The company is offering 23 different PET jars across the four neck types, including 63mm, 70mm, 89mm and 100mm.

To enhance brand individuality and on-shelf appeal, the firm is also providing various decoration options, including colouring, labelling, sleeving, and printing.

RPC PET Power also produces aluminium closures, which are designed to meet customer requirements and brand objectives.

PET Power is offering the aluminium closures in different sizes and colors, helping it coordinate the cap with all other elements to create a fully integrated finished pack.

Aluminium closure, which includes ribbed side and retractable edge on the underside, can be customised to particular customer needs.

PET Power provides bottles and jars for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food processing companies.

The firm also provides packaging solutions for the toy and chemical industry, as well as manufacturers of household items.

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