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The Electronic Cigarette Is Much Better Than Tobacco

The electronic cigarette is much better than tobacco

The electronic cigarette has become very popular very quickly. Market this innovative product grows as everyone can see at an incredible speed.

Why this success? The many reasons but the most obvious are health, the price and the use is more convenient, not to mention the hype.

Manufacturers (e-cigarette) say that e-cigarettes are healthier than real cigarettes tobacco but also notes that its use becomes synonymous with glamor. This is not very surprising to see celebrities get started. Kate Moss is a fan, just like Leonardo DiCaprio. With approximately seven million users in Europe alone, electronic cigarettes are certainly on the line of the trend. But this is also controversial. There are some days we have fired an employee in a beauty salon because she would vapoté an e-cigarette in front of customers.

The public health experts also have very different opinions on electronic cigarettes. Some believe they could significantly reduce the magnitude of the scourge of smoking that kills half of smokers and which the epidemic is almost 6 million people each year. But others fear that these little gadgets steam simply bring up to date the smoking, especially among young people.

An electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is typically made by a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge containing a special preparation called e-liquid. Depending on the case, a liquid-e may or may not contain nicotine. Its main ingredient is propylene glycol, which is the same substance used to make artificial smoke in the cinema or at shows. When the user pulls on his electronic cigarette, e-liquid is vaporized (hence the term "vaping"), giving its user nicotine that enters his body, but without the tar and other toxins which originate from the combustion of conventional cigarettes.

The e-cigarettes are also equipped with a bright LED at the tip that lights up when the user exerts suction, like a real cigarette. This item has been built to give a touch of realism. But unlike standard nicotine replacement (NRT), such as gums, patches and sprays, e-cigarettes allow smokers to keep their usual gestures of the act of smoking and rediscover the sensations such as " hit "and the visual pleasure of the smoke. "The ritual as having something to hold between the fingers is very important in addiction ... Electronic cigarettes can help some people more than the NRC," said Jeremy Mean, the office of the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Authority).

A study of 657 smokers, published in the international journal "The Lancet" showed that electronic cigarettes have given many results that nicotine patches to help the candidates to quit smoking for a period of six months use . With a success rate of about 6%, we can say that no other method has not worked so well. But electronic cigarettes are more advantageous because they have also helped smokers who have not given up completely to conventional cigarettes to reduce their consumption.

"We can not say that e-cigarettes are 100 percent safe because there was not enough evidence," said Amanda Sandford, research manager at ASH (Action on Smoking and Health). And she adds:?. "But in comparison with tobacco products, these products are much safer tiered" Contrary to passive smoking conventional cigarettes, the potential impact of e-vapor cigarettes on entourage of the user would be considered negligible.

? Many who have adopted.

During a train journey along the coast of Dublin, a French tourist had seen a passenger out an object shaped tube and suck it with some notable relish. It came out something that looked like smoke, and his mouth. The device emitted a strange odor: almost identical, but not quite the bitter taste of a lit cigarette. She could not resist the call to say he was smoking in the train. The man waved the little white wand shone at one end. It was actually an e-cigarette. This type of incident is becoming more common because vapoteurs are becoming more numerous and the electronic cigarette looks misleading. But this much to the delight of those who want to reduce their nicotine intake and terms to really want to kick tobacco. Electronic cigarette actually allows them to keep their actions.

Presented as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes, e-cigarettes are booming. Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Moss are fans but nearly seven million smokers are still expected to turn to these devices across Europe.

The main advantage advanced by manufacturers e-cigarettes is that they eliminate the harmful side effects of tobacco consumption.

When the smoker inhales the smoke from an electronic cigarette, nicotine is "vaporized" in a solution of water so that it enters the lungs without being accompanied by tar and other toxins that are responsible for cancer. E-cigarettes also allow smokers to save money because they cost from only 15 € and 40 €, depending on the model, and each cartridge equals to 25 traditional cigarettes or a pack and more.

The electronic cigarette does not give an unpleasant breath, it does not yellow teeth, does not blacken the lips and it does not burden you with butts.

So the fact that it is better than real cigarette, nobody could contradict ...

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Scientists Confirm That The Electronic Cigarette Is Much Better Than Cigarette Tobacco