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Yakima Fertilizer Manufacturer Resolve Hazardous Waste Violat

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reached an agreement with Kronos Micronutrients to resolve violations of federal hazardous waste laws, according to an EPA settlement. The company is a fertilizer manufacturer in the town of Moxee, Washington, located in the Yakima Valley.

Among the most serious violations EPA found during a June 2012 inspection at the facility was evidence of hazardous waste disposed directly onto soil on the property. The waste contained cadmium and lead, which can cause adverse health effects in people. The violation occurred in an area that had been previously contaminated and cleaned up under an order from the Washington Department of Ecology.

"Facilities that neglect hazardous waste requirements required by law endanger the communities they operate in," said Scott Downey, Manager of the Hazardous Waste Compliance Unit at the EPA Seattle office. "We want this settlement to result in better hazardous waste management at this facility."

In addition to the evidence of hazardous waste disposal on soil, the facility failed to keep dangerous waste containers in good condition; failed to maintain an emergency plan to be used in case of fire, explosion, or release of dangerous waste; and failed to produce personnel records indicating staff were trained in managing hazardous waste.

The facility has agreed to clean up contamination at the illegal disposal site and has submitted its plan to the Washington Department of Ecology's Hazardous Waste and Toxic Reduction Program. The state will provide oversight for implementation of the cleanup plan. The facility has also agreed to pay a penalty of $206,900.

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Yakima Fertilizer Manufacturer Signs Settlement with EPA to Resolve Hazardous Waste Violations
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