Trade Resources Industry Views Apple Mixed Reality Ambitions Could Result in...a Revolutionary TV?

Apple Mixed Reality Ambitions Could Result in...a Revolutionary TV?

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Apple is working on a new television set that will incorporate ‘mixed reality technology’ according to noted tech evangelist Robert Scoble.

Speaking at the Web Summit in Lisbon (via Wareable), Scoble said the new TV set has been in the works since the time of Steve Jobs and will be revealed within a year.

He said Apple has a whopping 600 engineers on the project, with the whole deal based around the tech from the PrimeSense start-up it bought way back in 2013.

He said: “Tim Cook and Steve Jobs, I believe, sat down and talked about the future of TV and in 11 months they are going to show you the future of TV – because they are building the PrimeSense sensor right into the television, into the iPad and into the iPhone… so you can do this kind of mixed reality.

"Apple has 600 engineers working on it. There was a patent released this morning – they've been working on mixed reality, or augmented reality, for five years… minimum.”

You may remember PrimeSense as the company that helped Microsoft create the criminally-undervalued Kinect Sensor.

Scobel claimed whatever Apple unveils by October next year will “blow even his mind.”

The patent he refers to involves an AR mapping system for iPhone, which will offer real time augmented views of a real-life environment.

Where this would all tie in with a television set Apple is thought to have abandoned long ago remains to be seen.

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