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Advantages of Micro LED in Fine Pitch Display

 LED display can be categorized into indoor display, outdoor display and semi-outdoor display. The main clients are business owners. Displays are mainly used in public space for videos advertisements, posters display. Applications of such used to utilize low-end LED products. These displays adopt fewer LEDs and have larger pitches between each LED, generating relatively lower resolution. Thanks to the advancement in LED chips and LED packaging technology, the pitches could be minimized. Fine pitch LED display now provides even higher resolution. Consumers are able to tell the difference simply by comparing conventional display and fine pitch LED display products. High-end display market saw a growing number of orders for fine pitch LED display.

Fine pitch LED display features self-illumination, high brightness, vivid color, short response time and low maintenance. Meanwhile, the seamless feature also allows greater flexibility in splicing. No other existing technology performs better than fine pitch LEDs in the application of ultra-large display. Fine pitch LED display is mainly used in combat information center, conference room, control center, roadside display and signage for advertisement.

The most predominant applications of fine pitch LED displays are P1.6 and P1.2 that require 1010 LEDs and 0808 LEDs the most. Thanks to market demand, fine pitch LED manufacturers actively expanded market scale during 2015- 2016. LEDinside projected that fine pitch display will witness booming development throughout the period of 2015- 2020 and will shift from pitch 2.5mm in 2015 to pitch 0.8 mm in 2020.

Advantages of Micro LED in the application of fine pitch display products
Following the miniaturization between each pixel, the costs of traditional LED package is to account for greater share in display modules.
Micro LED requires no lead frame and metal wire and therefore reduce packaging costs on traditional SMD LEDs.

Micro LEDs provides high wavelength uniformity, for fine pixel pitch display-used LED demanded even greater uniformity. Currently a InGaN LED’s wavelength accuracy is ±5 nm- 12 nm. However, fine pitch display demands wavelength uniformity between ±1 nm- 1.5 nm . Large batch, high accuracy transfer process should boost production rate at a minimum of 99.9%.

Meanwhile, PCB is required to be customized, using thin line width/ spacing and drilling. The customization of ultra-high density circuit is used for supporting Micro-LED’s high resolution display.

Compared to bracelet and watches, driver IC of display also requires customization, including integration of driver IC and flyback circuit that simplifies PCB design. Doing so will improve photoelectric transformation efficiency and save space. Meanwhile, the driver IC module also reduces design and manufacturing costs.

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