Trade Resources Industry Views Koehler Kehl Paper Mill Selects Voith to Rebuild PM1 in Germany

Koehler Kehl Paper Mill Selects Voith to Rebuild PM1 in Germany

German engineering firm Voith Paper has been awarded a contract by Koehler Kehl paper mill to upgrade the paper machine 1 (PM1).

Voith will improve the profile quality of the papers produced while increasing the energy efficiency of the production line.

Commissioned in 1988, the PM1 has been producing carbonless paper and thermal paper.

The upgrade program involves installation of a MasterJet Pro F/B headbox and modification conversion of the approach flow system.

Featuring ModuleJet dilution water technology to achieve optimum basis weight profiles, the MasterJet Pro F/B will be integrated with lamella technology for optimum jet quality.

Additional features include an EdgeModule for fast optimization of fiber orientation in the event of grade changes or large differences in grammages.

Voith will also be responsible for the supply of an IntegraGuard screen for both main and dilution water line.

Designed to provide minimal pressure pulsations with maximum screening efficiency, the IntegraGuard screen is integrated with C-bar screen basket and Multifoil rotor.

According to Voith, the low-pulsation IntegraGuard screen in combination with pulsation measurements in the approach flow system would eliminate the need for a pulsation damper in front of the headbox.

In 2015, Voith Paper was selected by paper producer Parenco for renovating its manufacturing unit at Renkum, Netherlands, and converting paper machine 2 (PM2) to a packaging output line.

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