Trade Resources Industry Views Saxbys Coffee Will Offer Its 'Saxbys Signature Blend'

Saxbys Coffee Will Offer Its 'Saxbys Signature Blend'

Saxbys Coffee is set to offer its 'Saxbys Signature Blend' in a single-serve format UpShot Solution, developed by LBP Manufacturing. The format includes a filter composed of 100% recyclable polypropylene besides a fresh seal that can be made with recyclable materials.

The filter allows consumers to see and smell their coffee or tea once they open the seal, and its design features a new mesh that delivers a sensory appeal to the brewing process.

According to Saxbys Coffee, the system includes packaging equipment for large brands and mid-to-low volume packaging machines for smaller roasters. The eco-friendly, single-serve filter is compatible with Keurig and other single-serve brewers.

Saxbys founder and president Nick Bayer said UpShot Solution has been selected as it delivers a cup of coffee that comes closest to the in-store experience.

"Another advantage of the Upshot filter is that it offers a fully recyclable life cycle - a quality that distinguishes itself from other products currently on the market," Bayer said.

The US-based coffee franchise is set to expand the number of single-serve offerings and also plans to broaden its sales and distribution through online retailers in 2013.

The solution gives control to roasters and brands of all sizes over their product quality and production volume. It is scalable by design and helps businesses to control capital investment related to operations.



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Saxbys to Launch Coffee in Recyclable Cup