Trade Resources Industry Views The Plant Will Save Around 33,500 Tons of CO2 Annually

The Plant Will Save Around 33,500 Tons of CO2 Annually

The recycled-PET(rPET) joint venture between Coca-Cola (CCE) and ECO Plastics, Continuum Recycling has sorted a quarter of a billion bottles within nine months from its start up.

The 15m facility, which now processes more than 50% of the UK's bottle grade rPET plastic, also took part in Coca-Cola's efforts to recycle all of the plastic bottles used during the Olympics and Paralympics.

Some 15 million bottles were collected and returned to shelves as part of 63 million new bottles during a process that lasted as little as six weeks.

According to CCE, the facility is located on the site of ECO Plastics' existing facility in Hemswell, and has allowed the company to meet its requirement of use 25% rPET in all its bottles by the end of 2012.

CCE and ECO Plastics estimate that the plant will save around 33,500 tons of CO2 annually. It is the equivalent of taking over 15,715 cars off the road.

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Continuum Recycling Sorts 250 Million rPET Bottles