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Ardagh to Introduce New Two-Stage Thermochromic Solution

Ardagh Group is set to introduce new two-stage thermochromic solution, Reveal Impact, for aluminium cans.

The new solution includes combined temperature-sensitive inks, which display the same color when cooled down.

Reveal Impact uses two different thermochromic inks, of which one color disappears faster than the other after the can gets warmer again, enabling to deliver hidden message to the consumer.

The new thermochromic solution enables to deliver tailored messages such as promotional slogans and supports highly targeted marketing activities.

Ardagh Group product manager Nikola Kerkhoff said: “Reveal Impact is a further development of Ardagh Group’s thermochromic inks, allowing beverage brands to communicate with customers via an out-of-the-box solution.

“The inks not only indicate the beverage’s temperature and thus the ideal drinking moment, but also facilitate the interaction with consumers. For example, Reveal Impact allows tailored messages to be delivered, such as promotional slogans.”

Ardagh Group product application manager John Reed said: “Alongside customised printing, embossed and interactive packaging, we want to take the sensory experience to a new level. We are continuously expanding our range of beverage can finishings to enhance our customers’ design opportunities.”

In July, Ardagh Group designed a sleek bottle for Lomza Brewery's Jasne beer. Ardagh embossed the neck of the bottle with the brewery’s logo, reflecting Lomza brand’s history.

The company’s designers worked on several bottle designs to meet Lomza Brewery’s criteria, before the final design was selected.

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