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Mazda Chooses Mathworks Solutions to Accelerate Engine Development

Japanese carmaker Mazda has selected MathWorks' MATLAB, Simulink, and Model-Based Calibration Toolbox to help accelerate engine development of Skyactiv Technology.

By using, Model-Based Calibration Toolbox, the carmaker optimized Skyactiv engines efficiency while meeting global emissions standards.

MathWorks said that both the solutions were used to speed up the generation and development of optimal calibration settings, ECU-embeddable models, and engine models for hardware-in-the-loop simulation.

Mazda improved embedded model accuracy by 80% and reduce complexity in half.

Mazda assistant manager Shingo Harada said that finding an optimal calibration setting in a search space of five or more dimensions is difficult even for experienced calibration engineers.

"Model-Based Calibration Toolbox not only enabled us to identify optimal calibration settings for the Skyactiv-d engine, it greatly reduced the engineering effort required," Harada said.

"The models it generated accelerated control logic development, provided valuable insights, and made it easy to try new ideas."

Skyactiv-d engines are installed in production vehicles beginning with 2012 models including the Mazda CX-5.

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Mazda Selects Mathworks Solutions to Accelerate Engine Development