Trade Resources Industry Views Purported iPhone 8 Shots Emerge as Claimed Foxconn Worker Reveals Apple Secrets

Purported iPhone 8 Shots Emerge as Claimed Foxconn Worker Reveals Apple Secrets

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There's been a lot of speculation doing the rounds in regards to Apple's next iPhone, and while rumours such as a full-face screen and the removal home button seem almost certain to be accurate at this point, there is still some confusion over the Touch ID sensor.

Will Apple manage to integrate it into the display, or will the company follow Samsung by relocating it to the rear of the device?

It's all unclear at the moment, with some leaks backing up the former, and others the latter – which is exactly what new images purporting to show the iPhone 8 have now done.

The shots arrive via Chinese site iPhoneros and, if legitimate, give us our best look yet at the upcoming handset, complete with rear-mounted fingerprint sensor.

It's highly likely that, if this is a legitimate handset from Apple, it's a prototype which doesn't represent the final design chosen by the company.

Still, it gives us a pretty good look at some of the ideas Apple could be trying out, with the rumoured enlarged screen shown off alongside the distinct lack of a physical home button.

There's also the oft-rumoured dual camera setup on the rear with vertically-stacked lenses, along with the fingerprint scanner in a position matching that shown in CAD images which leaked earlier this week.

As with all these leaks, there is of course no way to be sure whether the shots are legitimate, but iPhoneros claims the images come from a Chinese source that “never sent us false information” – take that to mean what you will.

Elsewhere, someone claiming to be a Foxconn employee (that's one of the companies Apple uses to assemble iPhones and other devices) has seemingly revealed some of Apple's supply chain secrets.

The individual took to the Apple subreddit on Saturday, after supplying moderators with evidence and supporting documentation to verify his identity as an employee.

Even with that caveat, there's no way to be sure that the person in question is actually who they claim to be, but there's some interesting information on the thread which is worth a look.

Among the products covered in the thread are Apple's rumoured smart glasses, which apparently may have been cancelled, along with information on upcoming MacBooks, Apple's rumoured smart speaker, and of course, the iPhone 8.

Speaking about the smart glasses, the individual said they would be based on augmented reality, adding: "Very unique design, if it can be done properly will be like what the iphone did 10 years ago."

But what about the iPhone 8? Well, the leaker claims all the leaks showing a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor are inaccurate, and that Apple will indeed launch a phone with the sensor integrated into the display later this year.

Again, none of this has been verified, so take it all with a pinch of salt. There's a lot more information available on the thread for those that are interested.

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