Trade Resources Industry Views Uflex Unveils New Polyester Film for Candy and Confectionery Brands

Uflex Unveils New Polyester Film for Candy and Confectionery Brands

India-based flexible packaging firm Uflex has introduced new low opacity, good gloss white and anti-static twist wrap polyester film.

The new Flexpet F-WTG-AS has been developed to be used for candy and confectionery brands, helping to protect the product and provide better appearance.

Flexpet is a bi-axially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) film with low opaque and translucent properties.

Featuring special proprietary resin formulation, the white background film provides enhanced machinability on printing and twist wrap machines.

Based on the the requirements of the buyer, the new film can be surface printed or metalized. It can also be used by the brands to twist wrap their candies or confectioneries.

Uflex technical and new product development (films) president Pramod Sirsamkar said: “Besides having superior handling and high mechanical properties the film has a zero memory (i.e. excellent twist retention) and is eco-friendly.

“Since the density of the new substrate is lesser as compared to the conventional white twist wrap film, its yield is more.”

Uflex chairman and managing director Ashok Chaturvedi said: “With incessant R&D supported by the most contemporary and cutting edge technology, my engineers never ever fail to delight our clients by addressing their pain points with the most optimized and sustainable packaging solutions.”

In July, the company also announced that it developed a new speciality polymeric film to replace bi-axially oriented polyamide (nylon) film.

The new speciality film has been laminated with Polyethylene to fabricate a two ply packaging structure to produce packaging material for oil.


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