Trade Resources Industry Views Starbucks to The Chinese Users to Compromise, The Future Can Be Paid by Wechat

Starbucks to The Chinese Users to Compromise, The Future Can Be Paid by Wechat

Starbucks to The Chinese Users to Compromise, The Future Can Be Paid by Wechat

High cold Starbucks also to the mobile phone payment bow.

In December 8th, Tencent and Starbucks jointly announced in Guangzhou officially reached a strategic cooperation, WeChat will pay from now on access to Starbucks Chinese mainland nearly 2500 stores; at the same time, in early 2017, Starbucks will open social gifts in the WeChat experience, bring more diverse social digital consumer experience for users.

In the future, consumers can use the WeChat Starbucks stores in the same payment, and now WeChat to pay the other line consumer scenarios, the consumer point after the drink, only by opening the "WeChat - I - Wallet - payment", a di sound scanning can be completed in 3 seconds to pay cash, credit card, don't ever sign tedious the way.

"Strategic cooperation between WeChat and Starbucks, will be through the WeChat platform to allow us to Starbucks's unique experience in the unique retail delivery to hundreds of millions of Chinese WeChat users." Zhang Xiaolong, executive vice president of Tencent, said, we are very happy to become Starbucks's partner in the field of digital innovation and the first choice, and look forward to further connect the user, to provide all kinds of quality services."

At present, WeChat continued to enhance the ability to connect the business has been in a number of industries to create a number of real model. Public data show that WeChat paid as the core of the wisdom of life solutions WeChat solutions to more than more than and 30 industry covered over 1 million lines under the store.

Although domestic customers want to use WeChat, Alipay's high voice, but Starbucks has been committed by binding Star gift cards, MSR card, build ecological closed-loop system, so as to maintain customer stickiness. This closed loop ecosystem, has let Starbucks in the U.S. market suffered. The Starbucks chain stores around the United States to pay about $7 million a week, Starbucks is the largest mobile payment provider in the United states".

Since there is a successful mobile payment model in the United States, then why Starbucks WeChat to allow the third party to pay the horizontal insert foot? Since the media "Lady door" analysis, forcing Starbucks to make a change, is the rapid rise of China Mobile payment market.

2015, the United States to pay a total of 8 billion 710 million U.S. dollars; while in the same year, the total size of China's third party mobile payment market transactions amounted to 9 trillion and 310 billion yuan (about 1 trillion and 440 billion U.S. dollars), is 165 times the u.s.. Another data, in 2015 China Mobile paid subscribers reached 358 million, the proportion of mobile payments has increased to 26.17%, while in North America, only 18% of the population using mobile payments.

One can not ignore the fact that domestic customers of mobile payment habits, WeChat and Alipay are long-term culture. These two payment instruments, but also regarded as the most convenient way to pay. In contrast, Starbucks's traditional payment, in addition to the major banks to coordinate Star gift cards, prepaid, and then consumption of Star gift card payment, but also does not conform to the domestic consumer habits.

In addition, Starbucks has been emphasized in recent years, "the fourth space" - digital and electronic business. In October this year, Wang Jingying was promoted to Starbucks China CEO. In addition to the completion of the year 500 stores open plan, but also to lead the development of innovative business in the Chinese market, including digital and e-commerce business development. Starbucks has just announced a 5 year growth plan in December 7th, which will open more stores around the world and will add more than 1.2 stores by 2021. In China, Starbucks opened a new store will be more than 5000.

Finally, do not forget, to listen to the voice of consumers is one of the values of Starbucks proud of. Especially in the "middle of the door," the voice of the question, to follow the voice of customers to launch a more convenient way to pay, but also let it win back some good. Schultz once said in an interview: as a consumer goods brand, localization is the inevitable way to success.

So, Starbucks and the local third party payment cooperation, although in the unexpected, but also in reason.

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