Trade Resources Industry Views Millet 5C Exposure Equipped with Pine Nuts Processor

Millet 5C Exposure Equipped with Pine Nuts Processor

In the mobile phone Chinese millet 5C was determined after the release of information, the processor version users are also discussed, some people think that millet 5C processors will be used for the first time in addition to the pineal independent research and development, but also a version equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon processor, is expected to be more biased in favor of Xiaolong 625.

From the exposure of the spy photos of view, millet 5C uses a metal three body design, the back ends of the glass. Front with 2.5D arc glass, and a pre fingerprint identification.

The performance is expected in the configuration, millet 5C will use Samsung 14nm processor technology, integrated Mail T-860GPU, the security Bunny run about 63000 minutes.

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