Trade Resources Industry Views Axalta Coating Systems Presents "Axalta Mexico Science Award"

Axalta Coating Systems Presents "Axalta Mexico Science Award"

 Axalta Coating Systems, a leading global supplier of liquid and powder coatings, presented its first “Axalta Mexico Science Award” at the State of Mexico’s Science and Engineering Fair sponsored by the Science and Technology Council (COMECyT). The Fair is designed to promote scientific and innovation projects among high school and college students.

“Axalta Coating Systems is focused on delivering sustainable solutions and innovation is a key requirement for our success. We are very proud to partner with the government of the State of Mexico and COMECyT to encourage science and research in Mexico,” stated Zerene Kahan, Corporate Affairs director for Axalta in Latin America.

Jorge Iván Lobato García, Víctor Jesús Hernández Arellanes and Juan Carlos Zárate Utrilla, with Alejandro Santiago Miguel serving as an advisor to the students, were the winners for their work “Adoquines a base de PET reciclado” in the field of “Natural and Environmental Sciences.” The winners developed a technique to convert materials composed of PET, such as water and soft drink bottles, into bricks that could be used for indoor or outdoor flooring and pavement.

The winner of the Axalta Mexico Science Award will earn a 15-day internship at one of Axatla’s research centers in the U.S. or Mexico.

“We are very excited to be recognized by a global company such as Axalta for our work 'Adoquines a base de PET reciclado,' as we believe our project can have an impact on people’s lives by reducing/recycling this contributing to a sustainable environment. Axalta’s Science Award motivates us to continue studying and developing projects. We are certain that the internship at Axalta’s facilities will help us further develop our education,” stated Jorge Iván Lobato García, project leader.

Projects submitted to the “Axalta Mexico Science Award” were evaluated based on innovation, creativity, social impact, applicability and teamwork by a panel of judges that included Axalta experts in the fields of research and development, human resources, law, corporate affairs and operations.

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