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The Benefits of Car's Air Filter

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Owning a car and keeping its every part in running condition for many years is the dream of every individual. But, there are many people who don't care for their car, until something is seriously wrong. So, to run your car smoothly you should go for a regular maintenance. Every part especially engine require a lot of attention. A number of devices and equipments have been made to be used for the purpose of car's maintenance and air filter is one of them.

An air filter is a device used to remove dust particles, mold, pollen, and bacteria from the air. These filters are composed of fibrous material and used in the variety of applications especially where the air quality is an important factor. For a car, importance of air is equal as that of fuel. For this, air filters have been kept inside the engines.

These filters keep the dust, insects, and dirt particles away from the engine. The most advantageous thing is that they are very inexpensive and can be easily replaced. Professionals recommend changing your car's filter in every 15,000 miles and cleaning it after a few thousand miles. It would keep your car in a running condition and also provides plethora of benefits; five of them have been listed below:

1. Extended engine life

Engine is the heart of every automobile. If it has a longer life, you can run you car for many years. But dust and debris don't let engine to work smoothly. An air filter is actually meant for the same that is to prevent these dust particles away from car's engine. The filter is kept inside the engine and it doesn't let even microscopic debris to get stick with the engine and damage its parts. So, if you replace the filters after a certain period of time it will prevent the engine completely.

2. Easy to track

When to change the filter is very easy track. Generally, time span has been defined for it, but if you are living in dust prone area then you should consider changing it sooner. User manual that come along with car also includes maintenance schedule and tips. It may happen that the filter appears clean but should be replaced at a right time.

3. Increased fuel efficiency

One of the main benefits a car's engine replacement and cleaning provides is better gas mileage. Studies have revealed that replacing your dirty air filter increases car's fuel mileage by approx. 14 percent. It also fosters car acceleration. So, what could be better than getting increased gas mileage as well as acceleration?

4. Inexpensive and quick fix

Finding a specific air filter as per the specifications and model of your car don't burn a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, replacing your engine is very expansive. Cleaning and changing the air filter of your car is very easy; even you can do it yourself at home. What needs most attention is choosing right filter of right brand.

5. Reduced emission

The problem of harmful gases emission by automobiles is taking a worst form. Generally, when the air filter gets blocked with dust and debris, air flow to the engine is decreased that can lead to many drive-related issues. One of the biggest problems raised due to this is increase in engine deposit which is caused by having high fuel mixture. A proper air flow to the engine can reduce fuel consumption and emission. Air filter can also do wonders in this regard; because changing an air filters is the best solution to this problem.

When paying a little attention can run your car in running condition for years then why not to go for it? So, clean & change air filter regularly and have a smooth ride for years.

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Change Your Car's Air Filter and Get These Five Benefits
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