Trade Resources Industry Views Report: Apple to Release Three iPhones This Year, But You'll Probably Have to Wait

Report: Apple to Release Three iPhones This Year, But You'll Probably Have to Wait

The iPhone 8 rumours are stacking up now, but today we've got an update from a pretty reliable source who claims Apple will indeed be launching three new iPhone models this year.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman with Min Jeong Lee have published a report in which they claim Apple "is planning its most extensive iPhone lineup to date."

Previous rumours have suggested we will see an iPhone 7S and 7S Plus arrive alongside the iPhone 8, and this latest report backs up such claims, while warning we may have to wait a little longer for the models to arrive this time around.

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According to "people familiar with the matter", the iPhone 8 will come with an overhauled design that will make use of curved glass either side of a stainless steel frame.

It's a rumour we've heard numerous times before, but coming from a decent source such as this gives it a certain legitimacy – though it's still far from confirmed.

However, the report cites "supply constraints" as causing potential delays that could mean the overhauled iPhone won't arrive until a couple of months later than usual.

Other popular rumours repeated in this latest report include the use of a full-face OLED display and the removal of the physical home button.

This week we've already heard rumours that the screen itself will not be as curved as numerous rumours have suggested, with Japanese blog Mac Otakara claiming the screen on the newly-redesigned handset will be almost entirely flat.

An unofficial render shows the vertically stacked camera lenses on the rear and full-face screen

Bloomberg claims Apple has been testing numerous prototypes, one of the latest of which apparently features "slightly curved glass on the front and the back."

According to the report, the OLED panel on the iPhone 8 prototype is flat, but the glass curves into the stainless steel frame, while another prototype features more dramatic curves on the glass.

This curved glass has apparently caused the aforementioned supply issues, while Apple is also said to be struggling to integrate the Touch ID fingerprint sensor into the display of the device.

Analyst Timothy Arcuri claimed the same last week, saying the fingerprint scanner could either be moved to the back of the upcoming phone, or removed altogether.

Bloomberg's sources do say the display-integrated version of the scanner is proving "technically challenging," so the expected shipping delay could well be down to this, too.

Other new features tipped by the sources include augmented reality features for the phone's camera, and vertically stacked dual camera lenses on the rear – another big rumour we've been hearing in recent months.

Bloomberg's sources also revealed Apple's plans could still change before the phones arrive, so there's no guarantee what we've heard, if it's accurate, will be the final design.

Apple is also yet to provide any details about its plans, so for now, this all remains unconfirmed.

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