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CPS Color Is Set to Expand Its Business in South East Asia

Integrated tinting solutions expert CPS Color is set to expand its business in South East Asia by opening a new service and training center in Singapore. The center offers a showroom and training area for CPS customers and agents in South East Asia. It also provides a warehouse to stock critical spare parts and shorten delivery times. The new service and training center is a strategic move to spread the knowledge of CPS Color products, to train customers in handling CPS Color colorants and tinting equipment proficiently and to help them expand their tinting business.

Tinting penetration in South Asia mirrors that of Europe 15 to 20 years ago but it is developing at a much quicker pace. The installation rate of the South East Asian market is more than 2,000 machines a year and growing. Such a scale makes it impossible for CPS Color’s own service staff to adequately service and maintain all equipment across the vast expanse of South East Asia.

Customized training on demand

Service assistance is a vital component of integrated tinting solutions. Setting up a training center enables customers’ staff to maintain their machines and keep their tinting systems up and running. The new service and training center from CPS Color provides a perfect environment for training. It allows sales staff from both CPS Color customers and agents to gain a better understanding of the equipment, colorants and software portfolio. CPS Color’s customers can also send their service staff for introductory or refreshment training as needed. “For our customers, the training center gives their employees an opportunity to keep their knowledge updated,” explains Ben Lim, Director of Sales for South East Asia at CPS Color.

CPS Color not only transfers tinting and product knowledge; technical support and service staff are also available to answer participants’ questions about colorants and technical equipment. Based on the different models that are set up in the showroom, visitors can experience CPS Color’s products hands-on with individual machine functions explained in the classes. Customers can receive customized colorants and equipment training programs based on their needs and experience.

More space for critical parts

Apart from the multiple training facilities, CPS’s new service and training center is also equipped with a warehouse. “By sharing our knowledge with our customers, we make sure that their staff can perform maintenance activities on their machines. This makes it equally important to have critical spare parts on stock, so that we can supply them when required,” says Ben Lim. The warehouse also gives CPS Color’s agents and distributors faster access to the parts and, in turn, strengths the after-sales support.

“Singapore was an obvious choice due to its strategic location in the region,” Ben Lim emphasizes. “Investment in the center also means that we are expanding our business in the region and recruiting new staff.” The most popular CPS Color machines in South East Asia are entry-level dispensers with bellow pump technology including COROB D200 and First 1 dispensers.

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CPS Color Opens New Service and Training Center in Singapore
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