Trade Resources Industry Views HTC Mobile Phone "sale" Clear Inventory, Wang Xuehong's "proud" Where Nowadays?

HTC Mobile Phone "sale" Clear Inventory, Wang Xuehong's "proud" Where Nowadays?

HTC Mobile Phone "sale" Clear Inventory, Wang Xuehong's "proud" Where Nowadays?

In December 9th, HTC official mall in order to meet the "shuangshier", launched a series of promotional products, from high to low is HTC One E9, Desire 820s, Desire 820mini. Which is only 299 yuan price of the lowest end of the Mini D820, is still using a 5 inches 480x800 resolution screen, 1GHz processor, 1G+8G memory, 2100mAh battery.

If not on the computer clock tell me now is 2016, see this configuration I also thought I crossed.

I see one of the two things as snow Yi "the most proud" of the mobile phone business, is now on the need to clean up inventory through the "sale", Xiao Bian silently distressed Xue Yi (Wang Xuehong) a second......

Wang Xuehong "the most proud of" one thing
Back in 2007, under the leadership of Wang Xuehong, who has numerous operators OEM mobile phone Hondar electric (HTC) joined the massive transformation, founded jointly by the 34 companies open mobile phone alliance, launched the first using the Google Android system of intelligent mobile phone.

Thanks to a substantial expansion of the right machine sea tactics, let HTC become synonymous with the Android mobile phone, but also the emergence of a number of distinctive mobile phone: for example, in 2010s the first Google "son" mobile phone Nexus One, 2011 launch of the first 3D intelligent mobile phone HTC G17, launched in 2013 with the Ultra Pixel technology HTC One M7 (EVO 3D).

HTC Mobile Phone "sale" Clear Inventory, Wang Xuehong's "proud" Where Nowadays?_1

Although the product line is not all success, but at the time of HTC brought about a large amount of market share, when Wang Xuehong recalled himself into the mobile phone market, always say "intelligent mobile phone is one thing I am most proud of".

HTC mobile phone empire.
However, the machine sea tactics did not bring success to the HTC, due to the stretched over the front, and finally let HTC be tired of inventory, annual loss. But the more central issue is the internal HTC strategy for external competition.

In 2010, HTC in the supply chain and marketing of the vertical integration of weak issues began to highlight. As the same HTC rival suppliers of Samsung, "strategic reduction" at HTC in the first quarter of the launch of HTC Desire mobile phone AMOLED, so that the brainchild of HTC in the supply of a flop. Let HTC and Samsung "break", after a few years of HTC use SLCD screen.

HTC Mobile Phone "sale" Clear Inventory, Wang Xuehong's "proud" Where Nowadays?_2

After that, the performance of HTC has been impossible: 2013 HTC One M7 after the release, the designer traced the sale of commercial secrets to rivals away. Even if the 2 micron pixel Ultra Pixel advanced ideas, but compared with the year 4 million pixel mainstream flagship 13 million, suffered a lot in the propaganda.

Then HTC in the mobile phone business and not make up the weaknesses of vertical integration, but in addition to each generation design convergence, is the lack of desire to buy, also go from the "crooked ways":

M8 joined M9, depth camera "dragon 810" burn, for domestic M9+ put a MediaTek X10 to sell 4999 yuan "nonsense" price, HTC 10 is on the mainland users launched a snapdragon 652 Version (International Edition for more high-end Xiaolong 820), United States the name Life Style (attitude) said, this is how the "attitude", will spend 3799 to buy a thousand yuan machine configuration of mobile phone.

So Life 10 Style HTC in the number of people in the country did not break the hundred, the scene is very embarrassing.

HTC Mobile Phone "sale" Clear Inventory, Wang Xuehong's "proud" Where Nowadays?_3

At the same time, the domestic mobile phone in the "high price", in the domestic market, given the HTC, Samsung, Android international mobile phone manufacturers low and cannot give to the balance of mobile phone price. A time for the international mobile phone giant Android trapped in the domestic mobile phone market until 2014, Samsung with "flexible curved screen" technology accumulation to launch Note Edge, began to turn the tide.

While HTC is sticking to the original design, the function has no highlights, high prices, missed the market outlet.

Mobile phone business go from here
Starting in 2013, HTC mobile phone business has been acquired rumors never stopped, including HUAWEI, 360, TCL, ASUS and other vendors, have heard the intention to acquire HTC. In November this year, and there is anecdotal rumors, said many OEM production of Nexus series mobile phone Google Corporation to buy HTC.

These vendors to acquire HTC, for what is it?

According to last year's HTC results show that the current market value of HTC is only about 6 billion 500 million yuan, or even less than 9 billion yuan of cash reserves.

In other words, the brand value of HTC has become a negative value, the value of only the cash on hand, production line and real estate, this time the acquisition of HTC, basically who buy who lose.

HTC Mobile Phone "sale" Clear Inventory, Wang Xuehong's "proud" Where Nowadays?_4

HTC's mobile phone patent does not take advantage of, early because of losing in Apple patent war, and banned in North america. So in order to patent the acquisition of HTC mobile phone business, far less than the Google acquisition of Motorola came to a good deal.

In the final analysis, most likely, I also took a fancy to the accumulation in the mobile phone manufacturing process HTC over the years, as one of the pioneers of full metal body, HTC production line is very attractive, far more than domestic LETV acquisition more high-end atmosphere cool. Plus Android as an early HTC boss feelings, the release of the acquisition rumors, create some topics, but also can be more than a year's big brother, to raise the value of their own.

However, as Wang Xuehong, one of the most proud of two things, the mobile phone business, how can so easily be sold out? The final is the thunder and rain, one by one by HTC "rumor".

Wang Xuehong "the most proud of" another thing
In March 2, 2015, during the Barcelona Mobile World Congress, HTC announced and VALVE will launch a VR (virtual reality) head, called HTC Vive. Although bounced again until April 2016 shipments, but with a 90Hz screen refresh rate, low delay, collocation two wireless controller, and has the function of gesture tracking. Vive HTC can be said to be the best VR devices in the current experience.

HTC Mobile Phone "sale" Clear Inventory, Wang Xuehong's "proud" Where Nowadays?_5

Wang Xuehong even in Beijing Vive HTC developer conference, said VR is her following the smart phone, the most proud of second things.

In Wang Xuehong, the outlook for the future, VR can be used not only for the individual home entertainment market, for the enterprise market also have a brilliant future:

In the manufacturing industry and the exhibition industry can make users can only spend the cost of using VR technology, computer technology can generate the real or simulated the ultra realistic scene, substantial savings in military, medical and other dangerous; industry education, VR can also be used for the actual operation of the training, improve operation level in to ensure the safety of personnel training conditions.

HTC Mobile Phone "sale" Clear Inventory, Wang Xuehong's "proud" Where Nowadays?_6

In addition to a difference in the personal and corporate markets, in the service industry, VR is also full of business opportunities. Now in the country, has a large size of nearly 3000 VR experience Museum, so that more and more people to experience the charm of VR. And Vive HTC with a first-class experience, began to gradually active in the corner of the shop and Internet cafes, but also to a certain extent, make up for the needs of expensive equipment, the short board.

In the money scene a good case, HTC will focus gradually shifted from the mobile phone VR is inevitable. But put in front of the HTC and the content of war, Sony by virtue of their own PlayStation rich video and game resources to enter the field of VR, FaceBook's Oculus is starting from the social development of HTC, Vive has since released repeatedly called for content developers, combined with Valve's Steam platform game access, forming a situation of tripartite confrontation trend.

In the VR industry a firm foothold in the HTC, in the future but also to see whether the Vive HTC hardware leading edge, and whether it can win in the "content" war, I hope this time, snow Yi can always be proud to go on. (this article is the first titanium media)

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