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China Leads on The Road to Clean Energy

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The steel and coal industries in China face new capacity cuts in a further bid to cut pollution in the country.

That's according to the National Development and Reform Commission, who have announced plans to suspend construction of large coal power plants and cut a total of 200 million tonnes of coal and steel output this year.

China's transformation to become a clean energy economy has intensified over recent months.

In January, we revealed that China's massive financial commitment to renewable energy had already led to the UK's own environmental policy being called into question.

Media headlines such as ‘UK to be left in the dark ages as China ploughs £290 billion into renewable energy’ highlighted the fact that the British government’s current cuts on funding for renewable energy fly in the face of the policies of many other countries.

Today's news comes at a time when the UK will presumably be seeking to revitalise heavy industries such as steel manufacturing as part of the Brexit process. Questions about the future of green energy in Britain have never been more relevant.

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China Continues to Lead on The Road to Clean Energy
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