Trade Resources Industry Views DS Smith Launches Buyback Program in Slovakia

DS Smith Launches Buyback Program in Slovakia

DS Smith Plastics Slovakia has introduced a BuyBack Program, which collects single-use polypropylene plastics from customers to recycle and repurpose into new products.

As part of the new program, customer BA Glass Bulgaria SA. sends 30 tons of end-of life polypropylene plastics layer pads to DS Smith Plastics in Hurbanovo, Slovakia where they are recycled and re-purposed into new products.

DS Smith Plastics’ BuyBack Program main objective is to prevent polypropylene plastics from reaching landfills and oceans by providing a constant flow or a closed loop system.

It is estimated that only 14% of plastic packaging used globally makes its way to recycling plants, a third is left in fragile ecosystems and 40% ends up in landfills. This program encourages customers to ship back to their manufacturing plant single use or end-of life plastic products for recycling.

BA Glass Bulgaria SA., a leading glass bottle manufacturer, uses extruded polypropylene (PP) sheets from the DS Smith Plastics Slovakia site, as layer pads to transport their glass bottles between locations.

They are one of the top 10 customers taking advantage of the new BuyBack program, and are averaging 30 tons of used plastics waste a month.

The program, which started late last year, is proving to be a simple option of great value to their customers and the environment. As part of DS Smith, the Plastics Division is committed to facilitate efficient and sustainable supply chains and recyclability of its products at the end of their useful life. Polypropylene sheets are fully recyclable.

By facilitating its collection we are assuring the collection and constant flow of plastic waste away from landfills and oceans. DS Smith Plastics Slovakia aims to promote and grow the number of customers under this program in the near future.

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