Trade Resources Industry Views DS Smith Plastics Wins Nominations for Two Awards at Plastics Recycling Europe 2018

DS Smith Plastics Wins Nominations for Two Awards at Plastics Recycling Europe 2018

DS Smith Plastics has received two Plastics Recycling Europe 2018 nominations across five categories for: ‘Best Recycled Plastic Packaging Product’ and ‘Best Building & Construction Product made from recycled plastics.'

The first nomination under ‘Best Building & Construction Product' category went to Beaulex®. Beaulex is made of 100% post-consumer plastics and is used in sustainable rainwater buffering systems.

The award covers both indoor and outdoor applications. Among judges’ key criteria for this award are sustainability and durability.

The second nomination went to the ‘Kornuit’ beverage crate in the ‘Best Recycled Plastic Packaging Product’ category, focused on consumer goods or commercial packaging. Products under this category require a minimum of 50% recycled plastic content.

The Grolsch brewery’s Kornuit crate is the first crate made out of 100% post-consumer material and meets all rigidity specs that insures durability and endurance.

DS Smith Plastics CEO Mark Smith said: t a time when the sustainable values of plastics products are being challenged, I am proud to receive the news of two award nominations from the Plastics Recycling Europe organization.

“These awards demonstrate that reusability and recyclability is at the heart of our designs. Furthermore, they are testimony of DS Smith Plastics’ commitment to providing innovative packaging solutions for our customers and our ability to do so in a sustainable way.”

Plastics Recycling Show Europe (PRS) is an exhibition and conference for plastics recycling professionals and a forum to learn, network and capitalize on business opportunities.

The awards are open to organisations and individuals across Europe who are involved in the recycling of plastic materials.

The purpose of the awards is to highlight the real value of recyclers, their role within the Circular Economy model, their contribution towards preserving environmental resources and the reduction of CO2 emissions. The awards are the perfect tool to achieve special focus and recognition of recycled products.

They feature five different categories: Recycled Plastic Consumer Lifestyle Product of the Year, Best Building & Construction Product, Best Recycled Plastic Packaging Product, Best Technology Innovation in Plastics Recycling and Plastics Recycling Ambassador of the Year.

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